April 3, 1913

Apr 3 1913

April 1913
Thursday 3
Fine day. At office.
Went to Villa Street with
Cole and got Mrs Johnson to go
to see H. Bannisters house
in South Road.  No business
resulted, the place not
being large enough. Arrived
back and went to see Lehndorps
in Bentley Str but owing to
illness of tenant we postponed
inspection until tomorrow.
Home late at night being
busy with correspondence.

WDT 3 Apr news


April 2, 1913

Apr 2 1913

April 1913
Wednesday 2
Fine day though rain in
dications are very promi
nent. Made arrangements
for Rev Young’s wife to look
over Bert Welch’s ppty [property]
with a view to Mr Young
buying.  Wrote letter at
night to the Dominion in
reference to McRae’s state
ment to Mr Massey that
I know of others as well as
himself whom employers
boycotted in this district, and
gave the assertion the lie
Saw Mrs Johnson re ppty
and arranged to inspect H.
Bannisters in South Road.

WDT 2 Apr news