26 June 1919

June 1919
Thursday 26
Rain. Cold stormy
weather. Down to office.
Mr McGregor in & arrang-
ed to go & see N McLach
lan’s property tomorrow
if fine. Saw McGovern
re inspecting A Priors
538 ac [acre] farm at Ballance
& arranged to go up with
him tomorrow if fine, &
Down to chess at night,
Mother, Gretta & the boys
went to an Amateur
play at the Opera Hs [House].


25 June 1919

June 1919
Wednesday 25
Rain during day. Cold
S Easter. Met J B Westlake
& submitted to him 3500
acres part Castlepoint es-
tate at £ 7-10 pr ac [per acre] which
he arranged to come & inspect
as soon as weather cleared.
Called at Tullochs office &
gave him pars [particulars] of 3500 acres
which he submitted to Mr
Perrett whilst I was there.
Caught the mail train at
1 p.m for home, arriving
at 3 pm at office. Mr Mc
Gregor arrived from Wanga
nui to inspect property &
we had a long talk in re
gard to same. Arranged to
go up to see N McLachlans
1500 acres so soon as weather
breaks for fine.

24 June 1919

June 1919
Tuesday 24
Fair day. Down to office.
Busy till 11 A M when I
went to Stn [Station] & took train to Pahia
tua with W Hunt to look at
A Priors property at Ball
ance. Prior at Station to meet
us & arranged with Avery to run
us out in car. Had a look
round the farm which show
ed neglected farming. Back
to house & had late dinner.
Looked over sheds & house
& Hunt advised he consid
ered price £ 16-10 pr ac [per acre] too
high & said £ 15-/ was fair
value. Prior said offer too
low but was prepared to
consider somewhat better.
Arrived Pahiatua & booked
accommodation at the Trocadero,
the hotels being full up.
Met J B Westlake & other
late Masterton residents

23 June 1919

June 1919
Monday 23
Cold South East rain.
Stormy night. At office.
Saw W Hunt & arranged
to go with him tomorrow
to see Priors farm at
Balance 538 ac [acre]
at £16-10-. Owen Welch in
re Clelands farm at Te
Horo. McGregor rang up
from Wanganui to say he
could not get down until
Thursday to inspect
N H McLachlans farm of
1500 acres

22 June 1919

June 1919
Sunday 22
Wild windy day with
showers from the West
& hailstone occasionally.
Took ponies up by Maun-
sells & tied them to fence
to feed on road side.
Brought back a lot of young
gum trees from the gum
avenue & planted them
in our back paddock.
Miss M Hancox of Tinui
up for dinner she
being in town for a few days.

21 June 1919

June 1919
Saturday 21
Very windy day.
Rain during the night.
At office. Received letter
from brother Mot advising
me to go down to Taita as
there were several prospec
tive buyers after our Taita
property. Cousin Steve
Harding & his sons Stanley
& Douglas in re purchase
of 3500 acres of the Castle –
point Station & I got Mr
Maunsell to advise as to
the position of the land etc
which he considered well
worth looking at.
Mr Prior rang up from
Pahiatua & gave Bern pars [particulars]
of his 538 acre farm at
Brother Will returned
to Makomako.
Leo brought Jack up from
Wellington, mother going to the
Station to assist getting him
from the train.

20 June 1919

June 1919
Friday 20
Rain during early morning.
Down to office. Will down from
Makomako to see me & discuss
the Taita property. Submitted to
R J Young 281 acres of J P
Lowes at Pleckville @ £27-
10 pr ac [per acre]. Madsen C called re
purchase of farm & I submitted to
him F Evans 81 acres at
Upper Plain. Lewis advised
he would inspect J B Rues
Lincoln Road property tomorrow.
Evans in & got pars [particulars] of house
properties for sale.
Will stayed the night with
us. Mother, the girls & Bern went
to the pictures. Leo went to
Wellington to bring our Jack
home from hospital with broken