31 December 1919

December 1919
Wednesday 31
Fine day. Up early
to see Bern get away with
Mother, Gretta, Mona Bertel
sen & Lindsay Ewen to Well
ington in our car. They left
about 5.40. Leo & I down
to office. Mr Herman in &
got option over cottage in
Cornwall Str [Street] till Monday.
Leo took Broughton to see
Shutes house in Kuripuni
Str. Town being quiet I
went with Clemas & had
a couple of games of chess in
the YMCA room won the
first & lost the 2nd game.
Our Jack came in from
Maunsells for the New Year.
In the evening I went down
Raglan & Roberts Streets &
got signatures for amalga-
mation of Lansdowne &

30 December 1919

December 1919
Tuesday 30
Very warm.
At office. Leo took clients
to see Shutes house in
Kuripuni Str [Street] & one in
Cornwall Str.
Home early in evening
to help Howard cart
the hay.
At night I planted a
few potatoes & set out
some cabbage plants.
Leo, Bern, Lindsay
Ewen & I played Draw
Poker, the last hands
dealt out about 11 pm,
being all good ones & the
whole of the stakes on the
table being played up on
them (matches), the winning
hand being 4 Kings held by
Ewen, Leos being a Full
hand Queen high, Berns
being 3 Aces & mine 3
tens backed by King &

27 December 1919

December 1919
Saturday 27
Fine day.
Went up the hill & cut
hay in Mr Henry’s hay
section, having secured
it from Mr Caverhill who
is leasing the property.
Very hard work owing to the
dryness of the grass which
had matured early thro [through] the
dryness of the season. Finish
ed the paddock about 5.30
just about done up.
In the evening we had the
Miss Drummond (3) & Miss
Smith up & a pleasant
musical time was spent.

26 December 1919

December 1919
Friday 26
Rain about 6 pm & continu
ed well on during the night.
Set to work after breakfast
cutting hay & got most of it
down. Pretty well knocked
up when I finished.
Mona Bertelsen, our niece,
from Cambridge, arrived with
Mr Lyndsay Hughan to
whom she is engaged; & are
staying with us for a time
Had a musical evening,
both our visitors being musical

25 December 1919

December 1919
Thursday 25
Fine day, tho [though] dull with
heavy clouds rolling about.
Fixed up my new scythe
& started cutting hay in our
back paddock. Got about
three parts of one pdk [paddock] cut
by night time.
All the family home, Jack
having come in from Maun
-sell’s, with the latter, late last