22 September 1919

September 1919
Monday 22
Light rain during the afternoon.
Dominion Day. Banks and some
of the offices closed including
Land Agents. Had to go down to
Mr J Atkinsons who made me
an offer of £100 for Mrs Meale
property in Worksop Road.
Went to Meale’s but she would
not accept but reduced her price
from £1235 to £1175. No bus
iness resulted. At office for
for a while and wrote a letter then
home.  Bought some plugs
of explosive during the after
noon had a try at blowing
up a gum stump which was
not a success the two plugs
not being of sufficient power
to move it.
Received a letter from Mrs
Patterson of Scotland in reply
to one written by me thanking
them for their kindness to
Leo while he was on holiday
leave in England with troops.


21 September 1919

September 1919
Sunday 21
Fine day.
Did some digging and
put in peas and broad beans.
Mr Packer, motor expert,
took mother, Gretta and the
children and Mrs Packer out
for a drive in our car to give
Gretta some coaching in
car driving.  On returning
via Hughes Line on the
Taratahi they got a terrible
shock when they saw a
terrible accident.  Mr
Biggs, a car trimmer, had
his family our for a car run
and something went wrong and
the car turned completely
over on top of them, killing
Mr Biggs and pinning the others
underneath.  A returned soldier
landed from troopship yesterday
was first on the scene soon
followed by others in cars and
by Helen Cowie who pro

20 September 1919

September 1919
Saturday 20
Fine day.  Before break
fast I planted some pota
toes.  Down to office. Mr
Roys in for house and Bern
took him to see Kings, Olsens
and Petersens at Lansdowne.
Liked Olsens and arranged to
take Mrs Roys to inspect
after dinner which we did and
they decided to buy Olsens
5 and ¾ acre land at £700.
Has a sale agreement sign
ed.  Messrs Jackson Bros in
for sheep farm and got pars of
1210 and 1150 acres over Te Horo
side.  J Atkinson and daughters
went to see Mrs Meales pro
perty in Worksop Road and
he rang up at night and advise
ed me he would make an
offer in writing on Monday of
£1150 Cash.


Sun 21st pronounced life
extinct. Poor Gretta got a
great shock affecting her all night.

19 September 1919

Friday 19
Very fine day.
Down to office.  Hired a taxi
and ran down to York Str and picked
up Mr and Mrs Atkinson and showed them
Mrs Meale’s property in Worksop Road.
Arranged for an inspection by the
Miss’ Atkinson tomorrow and if they
are satisfied a sale will probably be
made.  Rang up F Kummer re
inspecting W Day’s 400 acre farm at
Gladstone and arranged to run
the former’s stepson Basil Young
down to see it this afternoon.
Hired Nicholsons taxi and left
Masterton about 2.30. Looked
over the property with which
Young was well satisfied. We got
an option over it until
tomorrow night so that Mr
Kummer could see it.  Price to
be £17 per acre.

18 September 1919

September 1919
Thursday 18
Fine day.
At office. Saw Mrs Meale who
asked me to go down and see her
property in Worksop Road and put a
value on it for sale. Inspected it
and got authority for sale and submitted
it with Atkinson of York Str and
made arrangements to show it
them tomorrow morning.
Home about 4 p.m. and went gar
dening.  Sowed carrots, onions,
lettuce and cabbage seed.
Down to Chess at night and
played Holmwood in Dagg
shield competition and won
the game.
Received wire from Rev D J
Murray accepting J C Coopers
offer of £200 for his proper
-ty in Devon Str.

16 September 1919

September 1919
Tuesday 16
Fine day. Rain in
early morn and at night.
At office. H. Hunt in for house
property and we took him to
see Smiths, Coles, and Hatchs.
Arranged that he take Mrs
Hunt to see Smiths and Hatchs
tomorrow morning