22 July 1919

July 1919
Tuesday 22
Rain about 4 p m for a short
while. Down to office. Busy all
the morning with the boys on pro-
perty matters. Puhara Te Tau & his
son Will & his brother Tai Te Tau
came in to town to go up to Miki –
Miki with me to see Norman McLach
lans 500 acre farm at £ 10 per acre.
Had a light lunch with them at Tea
rooms then I got a tin of Benzine
for them & we set out for Mikimiki.
Arrived at Normans in heavy rain
which prevented us from going over the
property. Had afternoon tea & a chat
for a while then returned. Arranged to
go up first fine day, again to look over
the place. Leo took Joe Evans up
to see Finlaysons house in George
Str [Street] 6 rooms at £ 775. Very pleased
with it & will take Mrs Evans up tomor
row. Took Gleeson to see Mrs Pulfords
house & acre at Lansdowne for
which he offered £ 725. Wrote Pulford
at Featherston re same. Leo saw
Len Wadham re purchasing F Jensens
house at Lansdowne at £850.


21 July 1919

July 1919
Monday 21
Dull day. With rain indications.
General holiday kept throughout
the Dominion for further Peace Celebra
-tions principally for children. Fancy
dress ball for children held in the large
Municipal Hall hundreds taking part.
The costumes being of great & artistic varie
ty. Marjorie & Norma went dressed as
a fisher girl & Hospital nurse res
pectively. In the afternoon I went to town
& wandered to the Park where childrens
sports were held. During the morning
about 2500 children met in the Park
& were served with refreshment by a
committee of citizens. Making merry was
the order of the day. Darktown Brigade
& numerous merrymakers in fancy cos
tume paraded the town till a late hour
at night. During the morning I trans
planted about 45 sweet peas,
Autumn sown seed & did a little
pruning. About 8.30 I met H Warner
in town & we went to the Chess room
& played a couple of practice
games both of which I lost.

19 July 1919

July 1919
Saturday 19
Perfect day. Close holiday
for celebrating. Peace. Great pro
cession about a mile in length. Comic element
was in great evidence & the childrens fancy
dress’ were very fine there being some
hundreds of them in costume. Decorated vehicles,
a tank, Queen Elizabeth (battleship) manned by sail
-or boys looked well built round a motor lorry. Parad-
ed to the Park where addresses were given by
the Mayor, (Mr W H Jackson) followed by Mr G R
Sykes (member for Masterton) Mr Hugh Morris-
-son [Morrison], representing patriotic association, Brig
adier General Hart, from active service, &
Chaplain Brown from Active service also.
Each address was of 5 minutes duration. At
12, noon, Fire bell pealed & for 5 minutes every
one in the Park stood silent & bareheaded,
ladies excepted. Family all home except
Bern at 2 pm. Had lunch then I put in the
afternoon in the garden, spraying & pruning.
At night Leo, Bern & Gretta dressed in
costume & went down town where friends also
dressed for the occasion met them & they made
merry amongst the crowd till nearly 10 oclock.
I strolled about for a while & saw the display of fire
works then played chess with McClymont & R Barton
till past 1 AM at the chess room.

18 July 1919

July 1919
Friday 18
Fine day. Down to office.
A Prior rang up from Pahiatua &
asked me to get an option for him
over the 500 acre farm of Bright
wells at Whakataki. Arranged for
same till next week. Mrs Stewart
of Featherston in for house proper
ty & I showed her Packer’s at Lans-
downe. Town all astir & bustle
with preparations for peace cele
brations tomorrow. Great decora
tions from one end of town to the
other with evergreen branches from
the bush, ferns, flags etc & a
great triumphal arch across the
street from C E Daniells shop.
Leo & Bern busy at the Municipal
Hall preparing for a Peace dance
tonight. They & Gretta went.
Puhara Te Tau in re buying N H
McLachlan’s 500 acres & said he
would buy at £ 10 per acre. Wrote
Honnan re same.

17 July 1919

July 1919
Thursday 17
Fair day.
Down to office. Saw Holmwood
re Castlepoint blk [block] for Thompson
& wrote to J Goring Johnston
advising him Thompson would
purchase at £ 7-10- pr ac [per acre] &
asked for an option over it
for him. Macdonald in & paid
deposit of £25 on Robertsons pro
Went to Greytown at night with
chess players to take part in
match against Lower Valley, but
did not play owing to several of
the Valley players not turning up
thus leaving a number of our
players with no opponents,
our team lost the match losing
7 & winning 3 games.
All the 6 top boards lost their
games. Fritz Kummer took
top board for us & J A Connell
for the Valley. Home about

16 July 1919

July 1919
Wednesday 16
Rain. Cold S Easter.
A little pruning of apple tree
before breakfast. At office.
Saw Mr Horner trustee for
Tathams estate re the latters
property at Taeuru for R McGovern
& he promised to let me know in
a day or two. McGovern in re same.
Mr J McMaster in & gave me pars [particulars] of
their Craigie Lea property of 2000
acres at Hinakura. £12. pr [per] acre.
Saw E Holmwood of Wright
Stevenson & Co [Company] & he advised me
that he had taken out S D Thomp-
son to see Castlepoint, 3500 acres,
& had practically sold same,
will know by Friday.
Gave Holmwood pars [particulars] of A H Escotts
1400 acres Whariti Run, out from
Woodville, £14 pr ac [acre].