27 May 1919

May 1919
Tuesday 27
Cold rain. S East
At office. Evans in & in
creased his offer for Percys
property to £450. Percy
agreed to sell at £465.
Bern took Evans to see C
Ewington’s house in Albert
Street. Went to G A Jones
sale of furniture at Lans
downe & bought a wooden
block fender for 3/6 & his
lawn mower a Great
American, with catcher, for


26 May 1919

May 1919
Monday 26
Fine day. Rain at night.
At office. Went to Cornwall
Str [Street] & saw McDermots house
given me for sale. W Lett gave
me for sale a house he is build
ing in Renall Str. L Price also
agreed to sell his house in Essex
Str. Saw Martin Kerins &
arranged to go up to Kumeroa
with him tomorrow & see Comp
tons 446 acres. Mr Hutcheson [Hutchison],
manager Brammerton Run,
in& gave me instructions to sell
his property of 900 acres at
Bainesse, Foxton Line. Sent
the particulars up to M Alpass
at Konini. McEwan in for
house to buy & will see McDer-
mott’s in Cornwall Str to
News received per cable that
the air navigator Hawker &
his pilot, Grieve, have been
rescued by a Danish steamer at
the Isle of Lewis off coast of Scotland

24 May 1919

May 1919
Saturday 24
Fine day. Down to
office. Not much doing.
Saw J Compton re selling his
Kumeroa property to M Kerins.
Hill up from Wellington with view
to opening up a butchery business
& Bern took him out to Lansdowne
to see if he could locate a spot
for a shop if he considered it
a good venture.

Further news from India state
that the British forces including
native troops have had sharp
fighting against the Afghans &
driven them back from the border
inflicting considerable loss, the
aeroplanes flying over the retreat
ing Afghans & scattering them in
all directions. Allied forces in
Northern Russia giving the Russian
Bolshevics [Bolsheviks] a good doing, driving
them from their positions. So far
60,000 Bolshevic prisoners

23 May 1919

May 1919
Friday 23
Heavy frost
Down to office. Took Stanton
down to see Mrs Russell’s property
in Chapel Str [Street] & he offered £ 700
for it. Rang Wise at Carterton who
would not accept & I arranged
for Stanton to see him tomorrow.
Saw Cambourne who arranged
for me to take Mrs Cambourne
down to see it tomorrow.
Went down to Homebush to see
Mrs McLauchlan re selling her pro
perty but nothing doing. Called at
A W Renalls & looked over his place
in Johnston Str.
Leo returned from Wellington,
having arranged to take a course
of bookkeeping & accountancy thro [through]
Banks Commercial College,
brought books back with him
to make a start.

22 May 1919

May 1919
Thursday 22
Fine day. Heavy frost.
At office. Not much doing. Wise
of Carterton in & instructed me
to see Mrs Russell’s property in
Chapel Str [Street] & I submitted same
to Stanton & Cambourne.
Down to Chess room at night
to a Chess send off & presen
tation of an illuminated add-
-ress to our Chess Captain Mr
G A Jones, the Schoolmaster,
of Te Ore Ore who is transferring
to Johnsonville. Over 20 Chess
players were present. Mr F W
Kummer, our Patron, presented
the framed address the latter be
ing done by E Fenton. A beautiful
piece of work which was greatly
appreciated by the recipient.
Mr Stuckey Sch [School] Inspector & Mr Leslie
(Technical Sch) spoke on Jones’ education
al abilities & his much deserved promotion.
Kummer, Clemas & I spoke on behalf
of the Chess Club, Mr Jones feelingly reply
ing. Jones & Kummer picked sides, a draw
resulting. Supper was provided by
ladies Mrs Thirtle & Mrs Clemas being present

21 May 1919

May 1919
Wednesday 21
Fine day. Down
to office. Several buyers about
for town property. Bern took
Mrs Cambourne to see T Wrigley’s
property in Cornwall Str [Street] & I
took Maunsells down to see
Mrs Elkins property in Johnston
Str. Wired Mrs Sykes that
Irvine would not give more
than £150 for her property

Tribes of Afghans invading
British territory in India & sharp
fighting taking place the Afghans
being driven back & scattered,
aeroplanes making great havoc
amongst them