31 August 1919

August 1919
Sunday 31
Fine day. Did some
digging & planted some
Len Howard came up to
see about putting addition
to our shed to make it
deep enough to hold the

30 August 1919

Saturday 30
Rain. At office.
Saw E L Holmwood & arranged
we should run Ross down to
Martinborough on Monday to see
O’Keefe’s 470 acre farm.
G Sutton rang up re Mrs
Morgan’s property and
agreed to take it at £950.

29 August 1919

August 1919
Friday 29
Rain. Down to office.
Mrs Daubney in and arranged
to see Madsens place at 4.30 to
day. Saw Madsen re same then
saw tenant Mrs Jackson & arrang [arranged]
for inspection. Met Waddington
EH, who took me to see his
place in Church Str [Street] for which
he said he would take £1000.
C Ross in & we went to Wright
Stevenson’s & saw Manager Holm-
wood re 470 acres they have for
sale at Martinborough. Also went
to Levin & Co [Company] & saw Summerell
re financing into Tatham’s 861
acres at Mangaone but got no

28 August 1919

August 1919
Thursday 28
Rain. Down to office.
Mrs Daubney in re purchase
of house and arranged to look
at Madsen’s in Bannister Str [Street]
Busy with correspondence
best part of day.
Down to Chess meeting at
night at Y M C A, our chess
room having been let to a party
for the night. Held a meeting
and decided to take up our
quarters at Y M C A again, the
Secreatary Mr Parsonson very strong
ly urging us to do so for the sake
of the Association which he has
worked up the last few years.
Played Tom Clemas for Dagg
Shield & got beaten.

27 August 1919

August 1919
Wednesday 27
Fine day. Before break
fast Bern & I planted some
potatoes. Down to office. Mr &
Mrs G Sutton in for town pro-
perty & I showed them Mrs Mor
gans, Packers & Petersens pro
perties. Bern drove us out in
our new car & handled it well.
Leo took a buyer to see Mr
Oakenfalls fruit & confection
ery business with which he was
well pleased & may buy. Mrs &
Miss Daubney in for house pro
Mr & Mrs Maddox called to see
me at office having just come
out from England after an absence
of 7 years from N Zealand. Mrs Mad
dox is the daughter of Mr Liverton
a very old neighbour of early day
settlement of our people at Taita
when we were children.


26 August 1919

August 1919
Tuesday 26
Fine day. Before break
fast I sowed pumpkin seeds
in a prepared box bed, &
did a little pruning. Down to
office. Bern out with Packer
car agent learning to handle
the Grand Six car which
I bought yesterday. Leo sold
to R Vile for £750 Mrs
Ibottsens house in Church
Street. Arranged to meet
G Sutton tomorrow morning
& show him several proper
ties I have for sale.
Wrote agents Forlong London
& Co & Dickie & Co of Wanganui
giving pars [particulars] of properties
for their clients.

25 August 1919

August 1919
Monday 25
Fine day. At office.
Mrs Leach in for property.
Saw Williams, hairdress
-er re house property & he
arranged to look at Rue’s
house at Lansdowne.
Packer in re selling me
motor car and I agreed
to purchase same at
£325 paying £175 cash
& balance within six months.
Saw J W Lord who signi
fied his intention of looking
at S D Thompsons 4200
acres at Marakopa out
from Waitomo.