31 July 1919

July 1919
Thursday 31
Wet day not much
doing. Mr J Tucket in for
section & I
advised him that I could fix
him up with Mrs Evans in
Roberts Rd [Road] Lansdowne & he
arranged to call on Saturday.
Saw Pragnell re same.
Over at Chess room for
a while, a number of ladies
being present decorating the
room in readiness for the
welcome home to Chess players
who have returned from
active service. Met at room
at 7.30 there being about 24
players present including
Messrs Paul Kummer & F
Youle who have just returned.
7 South Wairarapa players were
present & sides were chosen.
A dainty supper was laid out
& the Mayor & Mayoress (Mr
& Mrs W H Jackson) were present
for a short time.

30 July 1919

July 1919
Wednesday 30
Cold wet day.
At office. Mr T Yelverton
in for dairy farm & I gave
him a letter of introduction to
Chamberlain of Woodville.
Rang Chamberlain re same.
Mrs Ogilvy in re purchase
of house & Leo took her to
see Donalds house in Essex
Str [Street] & T Jones in Renall Str.
Arranged to show her Moore’s
later on. Wrote R McGordon
Pahiatua re J Comptons property
at Woodville. Advised
Compton re same.

29 July 1919

July 1919
Tuesday 29
Cold wet day.
At office. Mr M Jackson in
& went with Leo & Madsen to
see the latter’s property in
Bannister Str [Street].
Mr & Mrs Caigon & the latters
father, Mr Skinner, came up
& spent the evening with
Mr S D Thompson in & gave
me full information about his
block near Kawhia & I wrote
S Harding at Hinuera about
same, also sent him pars [particulars]
of W Careys 1260 acres at
Takatu, Auckland.

28 July 1919

July 1919
Monday 28
Cold wintry weather
with South East rain.
Down to office. Mr Tuckett in
for section & I showed him
Nitz & Evans in Roberts Road
both of which he liked fairly
well & will see me again tomorrow
or Wednesday.
Down to Chess at night &
played Thirtle for Dagg Shield
& when well set & on a win
I virtually gave my game
away by a foolish move
losing a rook for nothing.

26 July 1919

July 1919
Saturday 26
Fair day.
At office. Saw Holmwood who
advised me that Prior had
wired to say that they would buy
Brightwells property. F Petersen in
re purchase of ppty [property] & got pars [particulars] of
Madsen’s, Smiths, Gappers & others &
will inspect with me on Monday.
Mr Murray Jackson in & we quoted
N Madsens in Bannister Str [Street] to
Sent statement & chq [cheque] to Mrs
R Sykes at Woodville
At night I repaired a chair

25 July 1919

July 1919
Friday 25
Fine day. At office. Drake
in re purchase of Falloon’s cottage
& 1 acre down South Rd [Road].
Mr & Mrs Neilsen down from Eke
tahuna to inspect town property
with a view to purchasing &
I took them to see several houses
eventually selling them Mr Frank
Petersens fine house in Lincoln
Road & Timothy Street. Had
agreement signed & got deposit of
£50. Prior in & saw Holm
wood & agreed to purchase the
property of Brightwell’s if Mrs
Prior would agree to go out
there to live.
Played Leo a game of chess at
night & got beaten.