30 June 1919

June 1919
Monday 30
Fine day. At office.
Mr Matthews in for house
property & Leo showed him
round but did no good with
him. Mrs Cuthbert in after-
noon & Leo took her & Mr
Cuthbert round & looked at
several places with no result.
Saw A Henderson re Clelands
property at Waikanae.
Wrote J B Westlake of Pahiatua
re 3500 acres of Castlepoint

Sister Ada & her nurse
companion came up from
Kemble Welch’s & spent the even
ing with us.

29 June 1919

June 1919
Sunday 29
Fine day. Did a little gar-
dening. Cliff Rive offered me
the use of the paddock adjoining
us for the ponies.
Sister Ada & Miss Whitcombe
who are up from Wellington,
the former not being too well,
spent the afternoon & evening
with us.

About 6.30 pm news was
received that peace has been
signed, the German delegates
reluctantly signing the terms as
laid down by the Allied nations.
Bells pealed & sirens blew
& the Mayor, Mr Jackson, & the
member of district, Mr G R
Sykes, delivered short addresses

28 June 1919

June 1919
Saturday 28
Fair day. Down to
office. Arranged to go to Pahiatua
tomorrow with McGovern to see
Priors 538 ac [acre] farm but later during
the day a wire arrived to say the
farm was sold.
Letter from Will to say he might
be down on Tuesday to go to Taita
& see the old home with view
to buying.

27 June 1919

June 1919
Friday 27
Cold stormy morn.
Snow low down on the hills.
McGregor & J McKenzie in
to go up to Mikimiki & see
McLachlan’s property.
Engaged J Nicholson & his
car, arriving about 11
oclock. MacGregor &
McLachlan rode round the
500 acre farm & on their
return McGregor decided
the property was not just
what he wanted, tho [though] it was
touch & go about buying.
Had a cup of tea & light
refreshment then returned
to town. Mr J Waters in
from Marton re sale to Gunther.
Mr C Engstrom in re pur-
chase of property & will see
W Chamberlain re 369 ac [acre]

26 June 1919

June 1919
Thursday 26
Rain. Cold stormy
weather. Down to office.
Mr McGregor in & arrang-
ed to go & see N McLach
lan’s property tomorrow
if fine. Saw McGovern
re inspecting A Priors
538 ac [acre] farm at Ballance
& arranged to go up with
him tomorrow if fine, &
Down to chess at night,
Mother, Gretta & the boys
went to an Amateur
play at the Opera Hs [House].

25 June 1919

June 1919
Wednesday 25
Rain during day. Cold
S Easter. Met J B Westlake
& submitted to him 3500
acres part Castlepoint es-
tate at £ 7-10 pr ac [per acre] which
he arranged to come & inspect
as soon as weather cleared.
Called at Tullochs office &
gave him pars [particulars] of 3500 acres
which he submitted to Mr
Perrett whilst I was there.
Caught the mail train at
1 p.m for home, arriving
at 3 pm at office. Mr Mc
Gregor arrived from Wanga
nui to inspect property &
we had a long talk in re
gard to same. Arranged to
go up to see N McLachlans
1500 acres so soon as weather
breaks for fine.

24 June 1919

June 1919
Tuesday 24
Fair day. Down to office.
Busy till 11 A M when I
went to Stn [Station] & took train to Pahia
tua with W Hunt to look at
A Priors property at Ball
ance. Prior at Station to meet
us & arranged with Avery to run
us out in car. Had a look
round the farm which show
ed neglected farming. Back
to house & had late dinner.
Looked over sheds & house
& Hunt advised he consid
ered price £ 16-10 pr ac [per acre] too
high & said £ 15-/ was fair
value. Prior said offer too
low but was prepared to
consider somewhat better.
Arrived Pahiatua & booked
accommodation at the Trocadero,
the hotels being full up.
Met J B Westlake & other
late Masterton residents