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26 May 1919

May 1919
Monday 26
Fine day. Rain at night.
At office. Went to Cornwall
Str [Street] & saw McDermots house
given me for sale. W Lett gave
me for sale a house he is build
ing in Renall Str. L Price also
agreed to sell his house in Essex
Str. Saw Martin Kerins &
arranged to go up to Kumeroa
with him tomorrow & see Comp
tons 446 acres. Mr Hutcheson [Hutchison],
manager Brammerton Run,
in& gave me instructions to sell
his property of 900 acres at
Bainesse, Foxton Line. Sent
the particulars up to M Alpass
at Konini. McEwan in for
house to buy & will see McDer-
mott’s in Cornwall Str to
News received per cable that
the air navigator Hawker &
his pilot, Grieve, have been
rescued by a Danish steamer at
the Isle of Lewis off coast of Scotland


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