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20 April 1919

April 1919
Sunday 20 – Easter Sunday
Fine day tho [though] rather windy
during the afternoon.
Down town during the morning
After dinner we had 8 cars in
cluding 2 hired ones to take the men
out for a motor run via Carterton &
Gladstone. About 8 ladies accompan
ied the players. Arrived back in
Masterton about 4 pm & had cup of tea
& cake at our chess room then the
cars ran up to the top of the Lans
downe hill & from the Golf links
gate the players & ladies had a fine
view of the surrounding country.
Down to Chess room at night &
played till about 12 o’clock
then Kelling & I being the last in the room
he came home with me & we had sup-
per & a glass of hot whiskey & sugar
Spent an interesting hour telling
funny anecdotes of chess meeting
etc and at 1 A M he left for town.


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