30 April 1919

April 1919
Wednesday 30
Fine day.
Late to bed last night & both
George & I overslept so that I
missed the tram which arrives at
Lambton to catch 7.50 train for
Wairarapa. Got next tram via Kil
birnie & missed train by 3 or 4 min
utes. Breakfasted at Burling
ton then called at George’s office
for a time & talked over Taita bus
iness. Took Doll to lunch at
12.30 & strolled round town
till 2.50 & then got train to
Masterton. Cousin Will Welch
& wife on board with son
Douglas who returned from
England with the troops on the
Raranga yesterday. Arrived
Masterton at 7.15 & walked
home finding all well.

29 April 1919

April 1919
Tuesday 29
Fine day. Called at
17 Bolton Street, saw
Clifford & arranged to get the
9.45 train to Hutt. Arrived
there & took motor car to Taita
at cost of 7/6 & he returned
to Hutt with instructions to
return to Taita at 1 pm &
run us back to get the 1.30
train to Wellington. Took
Clifford over the property
with which he was favour
ably impressed & promised
to go fully into the matter &
advise me in a few days
if he thought of buying.
Back to Wellington & went
with Bob Lauchlan to tea
after which I went out to
sister Ada’s at Seatoun
to stay the night. Saw
sister Doll at Base Records
office & took her some apples
& biscuits. Down to wharf &
saw over 1000 soldiers disem
bark from the Raranga.

28 April 1919

April 1919
Monday 28
Fine day. Wire
from Clifford, New Plymouth
saying he would be down to
night to inspect our Taita
property tomorrow, so I
returned home & got coat
& handbag & had lunch
preparatory to catching after
noon train for Wellington.
Train was late & did not
leave Masterton till 3.45
thus delaying arrival in Wgtn
till past 8 instead of 7.15.
Did not meet Clifford as
arranged owing to delay &
had to leave it till morning.
Booked room at Griffin’s
Gresham Hotel on the quay.
Caigon in to office & advis
ed that he would buy
G A Jones property at

27 April 1919

April 1919
Sunday 27
Fine day. Very warm.
Repaired the small gave (sic)
leading into the back paddock,
put washer on a leaky tap in
wash house & cut burs from
young gum trees for the back
pdk [paddock] division. Boiled Kerosene
tin of fowls food, making a fire
in the back paddock.

26 April 1919

April 1919
Saturday 26
Fine day.
At office. Mr Atkinson called
& signed agreement to sell
to N Madsen.
Mr G A Jones of Lansdowne call
ed & gave instructions to sell
his property for £1000.
Submitted same to Caigon who
arranged to inspect same
with Mrs C but later on the
latter decided not to see the
property tho [though] Caigon said he
would go up himself & look
over it.
Leo & Gretta left for Waikato
to attend their Cousin Bert
Bertelsens wedding. Leo to
act as best man. The wedding
takes place at Paeroa after
which Leo & Gretta will run down
to Rotorua for a few days.

25 April 1919

April 1919
Friday 25
Anzac Day.
Observed in Masterton as a
close holiday in honour of the
landing of the troops at Gallipoli.
Dug our late potatoes or most
of them & sorted out about one
hundred weight to keep for
seed. Bern dug some whilst
I picked up & sorted into
4 classes.
Played Leo a game of chess
at night.

24 April 1919

April 1919
Thursday 24
Berthas’ Birthday age 45
Dull day. Light showers
during the afternoon. Narby
in & offered £650 for Townsends
property £100 cash £100, 12
months time. Wired offer to Well-
ington, no reply. Took Mr & Mrs N
Madsen to see Atkinson’s proper
ty at Lansdowne. Back to town
& saw Atkinson & made a deal
at £695 & got a deposit of
£25 & agreement signed by
Mr W Harvey of Ohura in &
gave me pars [particulars] of his 555 acre
farm which he wishes to sell.