31 March 1919

March 1919
Monday 31
Fine day. Left Whanga per train
at 10.25 AM & got out at Te Wera, 12 miles
down the line & hired horse & gig at stables
& drove down to see Fulcher’s property near
Strathmore, 400 acres at £14/- per ac [acre]. Picked
up Cyril Fairbrother at Te Wera looking for
a farm & he drove down with us. On arrival
at Fulchers the former & Fulcher had a great
greeting they having been returned wounded
in leg & foot. Having wired from
Whanga to Newton Kings manager, Hignett, to send
car out to pick us up, Smith arrived in car
just as we arrived & after lunch we went
over the property which I considered a really
good one but McGovern could not see eye to eye
with me on the matter. Very fine crops of swedes
on the place & at £ 14 per ac it is a real good
thing. Had afternoon tea then drove into town
arriving about 5.30. Booked beds at the Strat
ford hotel then Mc [McGovern] went to picture show & I went
out for information. Met Hignett & Worthington
the latter having 2600 acres for sale which I
arranged to go out & see with him tomorrow.
Wrote letters to mother & Bern & posted
same at 12 oclock.

30 March 1919

March 1919
Sunday 30
Fine day.
After breakfast I picked up Mr
McHutchan [McCutchen] Junr [Junior], and he took us
up to his father’s place about 4
miles from the township on main road.
Invited to stay & have lunch, then to go
with them for a motor drive to see the
country. Took us right round the
frontage of his property some 4 or
5 miles & home via the Kohuratahi
Valley & Rly [Railway] Station doing some 25
miles. McCutchen has some splendid
country fully 2 ½ sheep land per acre
& holds in conjunction with his family
about 7000 acres. Had afternoon tea, then
went to orchard & got a large bucketful
of pears to take to Whanga & which we
gave to Mrs O’Halloran. Mr McHutchan [McCutchen] drove
us back to the township about 5.30
after a very enjoyable outing.
The father took up land in there over
20 years back & has bought up &
brought into good use large tracts of
country also brought up a family of
10 children in the back blocks.

29 March 1919

March 1919
Saturday 29
Fine day. Very warm.
O’Halloran got 3 horses & we
rode out to the property 2 ½
miles distant. Let our horses
loose for a feed & we walked to
the top of the leading ridge overlook
ing the bush country the return
ed to horses. McGovern not too
well pleased with property, it
having been neglected & fern grown
up fairly thick. Returned to the
township about 2 o’clock &
after dinner we walked up the
main road for about a mile to
see Coxhead’s property farmed un
der good management. Spent the
evening wandering around & trying
to get Stratford per medium of the
phone but was unable to locate
my man.

28 March 1919

March 1919
Friday 28
Fine day. Caught train
at 7.30 after getting breakfast
at Parkvale private Hotel, 2/-.
Had an uneventful journey
reaching Stratford at 1 pm.
No train leaving until 7 pm
for Whangamomona we put
the time in about town. Inspected
the Councils stone crushing & tarr
ing plant for tarmacadamising [tarmacadaming]
the roads. Can put thro [through] in full
day, no mishaps, about 50 yards
metal. Looked up land agents &
got pars [particulars] of properties from there for
inspection. Barritt & Co [Company] & Newton
King. Caught train at 7.10 for
Whanga 38 miles in, arriving
there about 9. Mr O’Halloran
was there to meet us &
invited us to stay with them
whilst at Whanga so we went
along. Mrs O’Halloran made us
very welcome & was extreme
ly kind & made us feel quite
at home.

27 March 1919

March 1919
Thursday 27
Fine day. Down to office with
Bern & got business thro [through], banked etc
& left instructions with Bern to manage
whilst I am away in Taranaki
with McGovern who came along
about 11 oclock to catch train
with me for Wanganui as far as we
can get tonight. Drew cheque for
£10 for expenses & got train at 11.43.
Had lunch on the way up at Woodville.
Arrived Palmerston & instead of waiting for
the New Plymouth express we took the Auck
land express as far as Marton which
allowed us plenty of time there for tea be
fore the NP [New Plymouth] train arrived to take us on.
Arrived Wanganui about 7.30 pm &
looked for lodging eventually finding a
comfortable bed for the two of us near
by the station for which we paid 2/6 each.
Walked up the town & bought some
fruit of which we had supper then
to bed.

26 March 1919

March 1919
Wednesday 26
Rain. Cold S Easter.
Hail showers. Thick coating
of snow on Tararua hills.
Down to office. McGovern in and
arranged to go to Taranaki with
me to look at 1345 acres.
Ross also in re same block.
J Archer offered £750 for
J Drysdales property in Albert
Street. Wrote Drysdale re
same suggesting he come down.
Received wire from Leo say-
ing “Cheero” leaving Auckland
for Wellington today. Rang
Bertha at The Mansions in
Ghuznee Str [Street] Wellington telling
her I would likely be going to
Taranaki tomorrow.
Took goose down to Nephew
Kemble’s for her to cook
for the welcome home dinner
to Leo. Boiled & bottled
Blackberry jelly at night.

25 March 1919

March 1919
Tuesday 25
Rain at night. Cold south
easter. Down to office.
Mr & Mrs Archer in & we
inspected Drysdales property
in Albert Street which they
rather liked & will get Mr J Coradine
to advise them on. Petersen from
Carterton in re purchase of farm
& will come up again soon to see
one or two. A C Brooks got pars [particulars]
of 1345 acres in Taranaki
for a friend in Wellington.
Bertie with Gretta, Norma
& baby Brian went to Welling
ton to be there ready to meet
Leo on his arrival with the
troops from Auckland. Rang
up the Mansions in Ghuznee
Str [Street] Wellington & secured lodg
ings for them there. Marjorie
went over to stay with cousin
Jessie Welch & Bern & I
are baching.