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8 February 1919

February 1919
Saturday 8
Fine day. Down to office.
Mr Charlie Wrigley in & gave
me his Pine Street property
for sale at £975. Went down
to Bank N Zealand & saw
Baddeley who arranged with his
wife to go up to see the property at
3 pm. At 2.40 Mr McGovern with
Mrs McG [McGovern], Mrs W Thomas & Mrs Astin
called to go & see some properties &
we went up Cole Str [Street], Bentley Str,
Villa Str, Worksop Rd [Road], Church &
Bannister Streets then Mr J Beatties
& home to town after discussing
matters with me & arranging to see
me later on. Baddeley went up
to see Wrigley’s house in Pine Str.
At night time I milked our cow
which has just come in to milk
then put on 19 lbs of plums &
made Jam finishing up after 11.


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