20 February 1919

February 1919
Thursday 20
Fine day. Down to
office. Bertha rang up from
Palmerston North where
she, Bern & Brian had arriv
ed from Cambridge & advised
me that they would be home
by 3 pm train tomorrow.
Down to Sussex Str [Street] & Wrigley
Str & valued property to Gunther.
Down to Chess at night &
discussed the Easter Chess
tournament & programme
for same, then played 3
games of chess losing 2 &
drawing the third.


19 February 1919

February 1919
Wednesday 19
Light rain during early
morning. Down to office till
11 AM Then went down to the
show with Mr Reynolds in
his car. Gretta went down
with Nora & Jean Drummond.
Day turned out very pleasant
the sun shining brightly. Re
turned to Masterton with
A A Cameron in his car &
brought back my exhibits
as far as office. Mr J Trout
of Wgtn [Wellington] brought the girls
home & had tea with us.
Picked some plums & put
down two bottles for winter

Paid 1/- to see the Irish
giant Patrick O’Connor
who was an exhibition at
the show. Stands 7ft 11 ½
inches & weighs 24 stone.
Can drop a 2/- piece through the
ring he wears on his middle finger

18 February 1919

February 1919
Tuesday 18
Dull day. Rain indica
tions. Up early & got apples, plums
etc ready to take to Show where I ar
rived about 9.30. Made 2 entries of
apples 1 variety of 6 not placed, 1
entry of 12 culinary apples 3 varieties
4 of each & got 3rd place. Got 2nd
for parsnips, 1st for 12 plums
culinary with egg plums & took
1st for 30 lbs of Up-to-dates potatoes.
Entries generally all through
not up to former years in all
departments. Lunched with Gret
at Styles tea room & after attend
ing office awhile I went down to
show with F Jensen in his car
& returned at 5.30 with Baird.

17 February 1919

February 1919
Monday 17
Fine day. Took down
30 lbs of potatoes to Fly &
Youngs to take to the Show for
me in the morning. Jim
Waters came down from
Marton & I made deal with
him for his Bannister Str [Street]
property for Gunther at
£390 & got agreement
signed. At night time I got
exhibits ready for the show
Received a wire from Leo
sent from Codford Eng
land saying he was leaving
for N Zealand by the Ajana
on the 6th March.
Posted letter to Bertie at Cam

14 February 1919

February 1919
Friday 14
Fine day. Down to
office. Saw Gunther re
purchase of Waters pro
perty & he offered £370
increasing his previous
offer by £10. Wired Waters
re same. Busy with cor
respondence. Picked
plums & after tea I
bottled them for winter
Gretta & Norma went
to the pictures at night
& Marjory went to stay
the night at Mrs Drum-