28 February 1919

February 1919
Friday 28
Fine day
Down to office. Mrs Irving
went with me to see Drysdales
property in Albert Street &
arranged for me to see what
the improvements would cost
in event of her deciding to buy.
Bern & Gretta went to the
Chatauqua [Chautauqua] concert in the
park at night.

27 February 1919

February 1919
Thursday 27
Fine day. Down to
office. Not much doing.
Home early in evening & made
up 10 gallons of Bordeaux
mixture using 1 lb of Bluestone
& 1 lb of lime to 10 gallons water
& then sprayed the potatoes
which are becoming blighted tho [though]
I sprayed them recently when
first noticed.
Down to Lansdowne School
at night & attended meeting of
residents called for the purpose
of securing Macara’s 8 ½ acres
opposite School as a reserve.
Meeting was in favour of taking a poll
to secure same, next discussed
drainage & a committee was formed
to go into the matter.
Went down to chess club
about 9.30 & played W R Jones
& lost.

26 February 1919

February 1919
Wednesday 26
Fine day. At office.
Not much doing. Went up
to Albert Street & inspect
ed Drysdale’s house &
land which he wishes
Kemble & Ruby up at night
& I played Kem 2 games
of chess winning & losing
one. Our Bern put the
day in helping up at the
Lansdowne Reservoir.
Received letter from Jack from
Wellington College.

Cousin Douglas McLachlan
married to Miss L Dickens

24 February 1919

February 1919
Monday 24
Fine day.
Down to office. After
dinner I took Mr Collins to
Lansdowne to see E Letts
property which I sold him
at £825 & got £50
deposit. Took agreement
to Hollings & Pragnell.
Mr McPhail & wife in for
house & I got Reg Pinhey
to drive us to see E Feists
property in Dixon Str [Street] which
they decided to buy. Drove
down to see Mr Feist & got
agreement for sale signed
at £620.
Bulford & mate, Pero up
during the evening for a
couple of hours
Bern came home from Pal

23 February 1919

February 1919
Sunday 23
Dull day.
Light rain in the morning.
After dinner the weather
cleared so I made some
Bordeaux mixture &
sprayed the potatoes as
they are getting blighted.
Down to Kembles at night
& played him 3 games of
chess losing 2 & winning

22 February 1919

February 1919
Saturday 22
Fine day.
Down to office.
Not much doing.
Rain during the night.

News called out that
Monsier [Monsieur] Clemenceau
had been shot thro [through] the
shoulder, the bullet pene
trating his lung, by a young
fellow an anarchist,
who fired several shots
at him whilst the French
President was motoring.
Great indignation & sym
pathy expressed at the
dastardly outrage upon such
a distinguished personage
as the President of
France who did so much
to help win the World