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11 January 1919

January 1919
Saturday 11
Fair day. Rain at night.
Down to office. Mr A H Wrightson in re Mr
Corrigan buying the formers 1467 acres.
Told me that Corrigan was playing a
cunning game, endeavouring to buy the
place outside of my agency & deal direct
with Wrightson. Later Major, solicitor,
with Wrightson called to discuss matters
& Corrigan then came along & the 4 of us
arranged the matter over Corrigan consid
ering I had nothing to do with the trans
action. Advised us he got information from
Masterton that price had been reduced & we
told him that the information he got was
given by us to J C Cooper who sent it on to
himself which he admitted. Saw Major
latter on who said Wrightson had deputed him
to arrange with me in case Corrigan purchas
ed & he asked me to see him on Monday
morning again & tell him what I was
willing to do. Corrigan told Wrightson in my
office that he never made an offer for his
property to Mr Beard thro [through] me. Have evidence
that he did in diary 1918 (Janr [January] 12th).
Saw Douglas re transfer of Mill’s property to


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