22 January 1919

January 1919
Wednesday 22
Anniversary Day.
Fair day. Holiday observed
Bern & I for about an hour & a half
pulled Banksia (a beastly
noxious yellow flowing [flowering] thing that no animal
will eat) out of our back paddock. Bern
finished about 10 as he & Jack were play
ing in Tennis tournament in town.
He & I carried a rope load each of hay in
to the shed. I worked at it until nearly 1
oclock then changed & went down to the Wai
poua river behind the school where our
family & Mrs T Jordan & child were picnicking.
Had dinner down there & then went into
the water with Brian who was right in up
to his chin without fear. Started for home
about 3 & called at Mr Drummonds to see
old Mr Drummond, age over 82, whom I
had not seen for over 21 years. Had an hours
chat with him then home & carried in
the balance of our hay after which I cut
a little in Mrs Morrison’s. Eli Devonport
carted soil from up where the reservoir
is being made down to our place for
the garden. Heavy wind at night with
rain indications.


21 January 1919

January 1919
Tuesday 21
Bern & I cut a little hay
before breakfast time, Bern finishing
the cutting after I went to office. Saw
Sam Patangaroa & asked him if he would
sell his property at Lansdowne, J Darvioch
asked me to try & get it for him as it ad-
joins his place. Saw E Price re pur
chasing Mrs J Campbells Villa Str [Street] property
& he said he would go up & have a
look at it. Beale, Stock buyer for Meat
Freezing Coy [Company] rang me up re purchasing
property & will look at Franks & Mc
Govern’s on Saturday. Went out with
Cooper of Te Ore Ore in the evening on our
bicycles & had a look over Gate’s pro-
perty of 328 acres for which he is ask
ing £ 23/- per acre. Returned by way of
Opaki loop line & had a birds eye
view of Jim Bourke’s 460 acres which
Cooper decided to see about end of the
week. Home about 7.30 pm.

20 January 1919

January 1919
Monday 20
Fine day. Rain
indications at night with
heavy wind from the hills.
At office. Saw S Gawith re
finance in matter of sale
Brunton to Bentley.
Wrote Brunton, Canterbury,
re same.
After tea Bern & I cut
hay for about an hour.

19 January 1919

January 1919
Sunday 19
Fine day.
At 9 o’clock V Donald, W
Hirschberg, & I went out to the
Ruamahanga to see the head
works, meeting A Buick &
our works manager there. Went
in J Nicholson’s car. Decided it
was necessary to cut another
channel to let sufficient
water down. Carried some
hay into the shed before dinn
-er. After dinner Mr & Mrs C
Caigou came up & spent the
afternoon & evening with us.
Mrs I Jordan & baby up for the
Mr Caigou entertained us
with incidents and anecdotes
from the seat of war in France
which proved very interesting.

18 January 1919

January 1919
Saturday 18
Fine day. At office.
Mr Bentley in & agreed to
purchase Brunton’s proper
ty at £625.
Saw C E Major who stated
that the £180 commission
on sale of Wrightsons property
to Cooper & Corrigan will
be paid over, probably next
week. Townsley in & report
ed that headworks of our water
scheme for Lansdowne was being
left high & dry & my committee
would have to go out & inspect
same. Arranged for J Nicholson
to take us out tomorrow morn
ing at 9 o’clock in his car.
Saxton of Loom & Mercantile
arranged to take a client down to
Martinborough to see Hancox’s
property. Advised Hancox per
telephone. Cut hay at night
for about an hour.

17 January 1919

January 1919
Friday 17
Rain in early morning &
heavy wind blowing. Heavy wind
also at night time again.
At office. Mrs Bentley in & said
she would buy Bruntons house
in Wrigley Str [Street] at £625 if I
could arrange the finance for them.
Jenkins in re purchase of house &
said he would look at Mr Franks
down South Road. Mr Charles-
worth of Christchurch called re
securing a room for an office as
he is opening up in Masterton
as a civil engineer.
At night time I cut hay till past
9 oclock by moonlight.
Bern, Gretta, Jack & Norma went
over to Jordans at night to a party

16 January 1919

January 1919
Thursday 16
Fine day. At office.
E L Holmwood went with me to
see Fisher’s house in Cole Str [Street]
at £ 890. Mrs Holmwood did not
like the locality. Saw Mrs Morgan
who asked me to sell her property
in Villa Street at £925. Sub
mitted same to Holmwood. Cycled
up Renall Str & looked at new
houses being built. After tea I
hoed my late potatoes then went
down to play chess. Sides had
been chosen so I had no opponent
until Mr C Perry came along
about 9 oclock when he & I play
ed & I lost. Held a meeting of the
players to discuss the programme
for our big chess rally at Easter
when provincial clubs will com
pete for championship honours.
I as Vice president, occupied the
chair. Home about 12.15.