31 January 1919

January 1919
Friday 31
Fair day. Dull with
rain indications. Down to
office. Mr J Stewart called
at our place before we had break
fast to enquire about a house I
have for sale in Cole Street. Gave
him pars [particulars] of same & he went to
see it & then signed agreement to
but at £600 & paid deposit of
£20/-. Mr Mason up from Feath
-erston re completion of his
purchase from Price. Saw O
Pragnell re same & arranged
for completion next week.
Gretta, Jack & Norma went
to the Picture show at night.
Received letter from Bertha
stating that they arrived quite
well at Cambridge Jack
Bertelsen & Mrs B meeting them
at the Franckton [Frankton] Station &
motoring then home.

30 January 1919

January 1919
Thursday 30
Fair day. Dull with
rain indications. At office.
Mr Nicholson from Nelson
district called at office & dis-
cussed purchase of land in
Auckland district & I sub
mitted to him a blk [block] of 1664
acres at Pokeno at £8.10.6
pr ac [per acre] which he may go up and
look at. Down to chess at
night & there being a small
attendance our Capt [Captain] G A Jones
played, Warner, Holmwood &
myself simultaneously. I won
one game & lost one & then play
ed Thirtle & lost a haphaz
-ard game. Home a little be
fore 12.

29 January 1919

January 1919
Wednesday 29
Rain. Fine warm
rain doing a lot of good.
At office. Not much doing.
Attended a meeting of farmers
held in A & P rooms when
Mr J C Cooper addressed them
on the meat wool & general
produce question in respect
to Home markets.
Went down to nephew W K
Welch’s at night & played
him 5 games of chess of
which I won only one.

28 January 1919

January 1919
Tuesday 28
Cold rain from the South.
Showery. Down to office. Up to the
railway station to see Mother, Bern
& baby Brian off by train to Cam-
bridge to stay with Bertha’s sister,
Mrs H C Bertelsen. Very little do
ing at office.
At night time I transplant
ed mangels & cabbages.

Our local paper (The Age)
gives a marvellous account of an
adventure with a live Moa stated
to have taken place in the Urewera
Country inland from Gisborne.
The story is told by one who went there
with a native guide to explore the
district & got lost. A great storm
broke over the district & the horses
escaped, whilst the native guide
who had wandered off the track
did not return & our narrator
was left to his own resources.
Story continued tomorrow.
There are several ornithologists &
scientists now engaged hunting for the bird.

27 January 1919

January 1919
Monday 27
Very dry & oppressive.
Bern & I did an hour with
cross cut saw at the gum tree, be
fore breakfast. Down to office.
Saw Gawith re financing sale to
Bentley & left “Agreement For Sale”
with him. Mrs Mills in re pur
chase of house & offered £450 for
Pinkey Bros [brothers] in Wrigley Street but
offer not accepted.
Saw Arthur Welch re purchase
ing Kings house in Cole Str [Street].
After getting home from office I
banked up the late potatoes
which are making rapid strides
then fixed hose for spraying the

25 January 1919

January 1919
Saturday 25
Fine day. At office.
Mr Falconer in re purchase
of farm & will probably go up
& see my brother Wills next
week at Makomako.
Wrote Nathan & Co [Company] Auctioneers
etc Wellington re selling our
Taita property by Public
Auction. Saw Cooper of
Te Ore Ore re making an offer
for Oates farm at Opaki.

24 January 1919

January 1919
Friday 24
Fine day. At office.
Cousin Arthur Welch got me to
arrange for him & wife to see
King’s property in Cole Street.
Went up in the evening with them.
Round to Wrigley Street &
got insurance on Furniture
etc of A Larsens. Saw
A Walker who asked me to
try & sell his house property
in Wrigley Str [Street], price £750.

Nathan & Co [Company] rang up from
Wellington re selling our
Taita property by auction
& we arranged to put it up
on 11th February

23 January 1919

January 1919
Thursday 23
Fine day. At office.
Busy with correspondence
Went up to Villa Street &
looked over Mr J Campbells
property with view to getting
a probable buyer along.
In the evening I pulled the
weed Banksia from our
back paddock & when finished
went down to chess & got
beaten by Clemas & Jones.

Bern helping our Lansdowne
water caretaker for a few
days at 13/- day.
Received big mail from our
Leo written from Brocton military
camp in England.

22 January 1919

January 1919
Wednesday 22
Anniversary Day.
Fair day. Holiday observed
Bern & I for about an hour & a half
pulled Banksia (a beastly
noxious yellow flowing [flowering] thing that no animal
will eat) out of our back paddock. Bern
finished about 10 as he & Jack were play
ing in Tennis tournament in town.
He & I carried a rope load each of hay in
to the shed. I worked at it until nearly 1
oclock then changed & went down to the Wai
poua river behind the school where our
family & Mrs T Jordan & child were picnicking.
Had dinner down there & then went into
the water with Brian who was right in up
to his chin without fear. Started for home
about 3 & called at Mr Drummonds to see
old Mr Drummond, age over 82, whom I
had not seen for over 21 years. Had an hours
chat with him then home & carried in
the balance of our hay after which I cut
a little in Mrs Morrison’s. Eli Devonport
carted soil from up where the reservoir
is being made down to our place for
the garden. Heavy wind at night with
rain indications.