31 December 1918

December 1918
Tuesday 31
Rain in early morning.
Felt my leg somewhat when first
up but found I could walk fairly well
so went up & milked Henry’s cows. Down
to office. P L Hollings rang up from
Wellington and asked me what price
I had quoted his 1926 acres at to
R Keene as he had interviewed him
& quoted £ 11/- per acre & arranged to
show him the property on Thursday
next. Keene wired me asking what
price Holling was asking. Wired re
ply £ 11/- & confirmed same by letter.
Sold section of Mrs Boulcotts in Corn
wall Street to H Hilton for £ 110.
Finished cutting hay in Bert Welch’s place.
Received big budget of letters, cards etc
from Leo written from the military
camp at Brocton in England, also
cards from cousin Capt [Captain] Bert
Welch & nephew Bern Bertelsen
the latter being in France when he
sent it.
Thus ends the old year, one of sad memories
& heart breaks in millions of home throughout
the world. May the New Year help to bring peace
to those who have suffered & Gods blessing to all.



1918 Notes
Febr 2nd Jack’s Birthday
age 15

Jan 10th Norma’s age 11

March 9th Fathers age 52
Mothers, April 23    ̎  44
Gretta’s, May 21st   ̎  17

Marjery Aug 17th
Leo’s Dec 13 age 21
Bern’s   ̎    15 age 19
Brians Nov 19 age 2

30 December 1918

December 1918
Monday 30
Fair day. Heavy rain
in the evening & during the night.
At office. Mr J Packer & N Hatch
in & we got an agreement signed
by the former to purchase Mrs Law
rence’s property in Totara Street at
£750 & got deposit paid on same.
Saw H Hilton who offered £110
for Mrs E Boulcott’s section in Corn
wall Street & I arranged to sell to
him at that price.
Before tea I went over to Cousin
Bert Welch’s (Capt [Captain] Welch) to cut hay
& when nearly finished heavy rain set in so
I started for home with the scythe on my arm
& when just on the footpath I somehow allow
ed the scythe to swing around throwing my
leg into the blade & cutting a gash into the
bone just above the boot top. Got quickly over
to Cousin Will Welch’s & he & his son Des got
hot water & Jays fluid & bathed the foot & leg
blood flowing freely for some time then put boracic
acid on it & bound it up tightly. H Roff lent me a
slipper & walked home with me. Drank better
luck to me in some of our Elder wine.

29 December 1918

December 1918
Sunday 29
Rained lightly during the morn
ing & fairly heavily during the
afternoon. Before dinner I trans
planted some lettuce & onions
& tied up the Tomato plants &
took out the spare growth from
the plants. After dinner I fixed
the piping under the house to
catch the bath waste water.
Mr N McKay of Flat Spur came
in & took Bern out to help
finish shearing his sheep, 2 or
3 days work to cut out.

28 December 1918

December 1918
Saturday 28
Fine day but dulling
over towards night with rain
indications. At office. Sydney
being away for the week I was kept
busy generally at office. Gretta
down & we went to shops to buy
some linoleum for our bathroom
eventually securing 2 yards at W
FCA for 30/-.
Gretta & I lunched at Styles.
N Hatch advised me that he had
taken £ 20 deposit from my client
to whom he had sold Lawrence’s
house, on my behalf, Lawrence
being away in Napier. Put in
about 2 hours turning & cutting
hay in Bert Welch’s property
knocking off about 8 oclock.
Mother, Gretta & Bern went to
the Paramount Picture Theatre
at night

14 December 1918

December 1918
Saturday 14
Fine day.
Down to office. Mrs G R
Sykes in & got key of Judds
house to inspect with Mr
Sykes & the latter stated
they would probably pur-
chase at £1000.
In the evening I did some

President Wilson on his way to
France to attend the peace

27 December 1918

December 1918
Friday 27
Fine day. Down to
office. Not much doing. Banks
Solicitors & Stock & Station
Agents being closed for the
week. Attended correspondence
then home about 3 pm.
Took some galvanised piping
down to N Hatch & got him to
solder it for me to use for
the bath waste. Advised me
that he had sold Lawrence’s
house, next to the one he is
building to a client of mine &
that a deposit of £20 would be
paid tomorrow.

The Tinui mail coach, Fly, Young
& Beattie, mail contractors, went
over the hill near Blairlogie
Junction, owing to another horse
shying & getting mixed with the
coach horses. Mr Campbell of
was killed but others escaped
with severe shaking. Our Jack was to
have gone out by the same coach but a motor
lorry being in from Maunsells, Tinui
he went out by that instead, luckily.

26 December 1918

December 1918
Thursday 26
Dull day. Rain
in early part of the day. Planted
the last row of potatoes on the top
piece of land by sheds then put the
day in digging between the fruit
trees to prepare for mangel
planting. Rooted out of the orchard
a pear tree that has been grow
ing for about 10 years & tho [though]
showing great quantity of blossom
every year it never bore fruit.
Miss Maude Chapman came up
during the afternoon & Bern took
photographs of our group standing
under the Rose Arbor.

Wrote further to Leo

25 December 1918

December 1918
Wednesday 25
Cold day. Rain from S East
during early morning. None of
our family rose from bed (barring
Marjory who was anxious to see
what Father Xmas had been heav
ing round during the night) until
9 o’clock. Went to milk Henry’s
cows returning about 10 when Mr
G A Jones & his father happened
along & we had Xmas cheer in
Elder wine. Put the day in at
planting potatoes finishing
all but one row by 7 pm.
Bern busy best part of day
at photography, printing of views
etc taken some time back.

Wrote further to Leo.

24 December 1918

December 1918
Tuesday 24
Cold sleety rain
with occasional hail-
showers. Like winter
weather. Went up to Henry
before breakfast & milked
his 2 cows, having promis-
ed to milk them for a week
whilst he is away during the
holidays. Down to office.
Lunched with Gretta & Bern
at Styles luncheon room.
Bern & the girls went down
town at night & spent as
much as they could afford
on Xmas purchases

23 December 1918

December 1918
Monday 23
Rain, showers during
morning. Went over to Bert
Welch’s before breakfast & cut
some of the hay about the house.
Down to office.
Not much doing.
Our Bern returned from
Piripiri, beyond Dannevirke
where he has been shear
ing. He shore up to 146 in
one day.