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28 November 1918

November 1918
Thursday 28
Rather cold day. Showery
weather, the wind blowing from the
snowy ranges. Heavy thunderstorm
to the westward. Attended Mrs
A Smiths funeral which left the
residence at 10.30, then went to
office for an hour. Home at 1.30
for dinner then went to our
neighbour’s (Mr N Beethams)
funeral at 2.30. Home about
4.30, changed & went up to Mr
V Donalds & cut some more
of the long grass in his house
paddock to make hay for our
Ruby came up & helped Bertha
to make Pneumonia jackets
for the patients at the hospitals
finishing three during the after-
noon. Bertha at it again at night
& got several more well on the
way to completion.
Several more Influenza patients
died during last night & this
morning including Mr Rupert
Morrison of Blairlogie Station


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