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27 November 1918

November 1918
Wednesday 27
Fair day tho [though] rather
cold. Considerable snow on the
Tararua mountains which is rather
exceptional at this time of the year.
Had a trial at mending several
big holes in my bike tube but failed
to make same air tight & had to go
to cycle shop with it but they said
it was not worth spending the time
on & wanted me to buy a new one. Told
them I would take it home & repair it
myself. Sydney back to work at
office. Went down to Soldiers Club
hospital at night to go on duty
for the night. Found work fair
-ly easy there being 4 of us, so after
spending a couple of hours there
I went round to the central
depot & got a car to run me
home, arriving about 11.30.
Influenza epidemic still very bad
& several deaths have taken
place the last 24 hours, include
ing our neighbours O Smith,
Mrs Norman Beetham & lower down
the street, Mr Fair.

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