30 November 1918

November 1918
Saturday 30
Fine day. Went up with Bern to
V Donalds & turned the hay.
Down to office. Not much doing.
Went up to V Donalds in the even
ing & put the hay together & carr
ied down a good back load.
Mother Gretta & Bern went
down town at night.
Influenza patients not now
so numerous in hospitals, the
residents of the district having
been instructed how to deal
with suspected cases.
Home news state that 112
German submarines have been
handed over to Britain with more
to follow. Allied prisoners of war
including New Zealanders arriv
ing in large numbers in England,
having been released from Germany.


29 November 1918

November 1918
Friday 29
Dull day. Heavy rain
on the hills. Down to office
after mending my bicycle. Not
much doing. Mr Burton called
re purchase of house property & went
with me to see Bradfords in
Cole Street which he rather
fancied. Our Bern came down
from Miki Miki for a spell as
the rain prevented shearing
being proceeded with.
Influenza epidemic not quite
so severe tho [though] several more
deaths have taken place.

28 November 1918

November 1918
Thursday 28
Rather cold day. Showery
weather, the wind blowing from the
snowy ranges. Heavy thunderstorm
to the westward. Attended Mrs
A Smiths funeral which left the
residence at 10.30, then went to
office for an hour. Home at 1.30
for dinner then went to our
neighbour’s (Mr N Beethams)
funeral at 2.30. Home about
4.30, changed & went up to Mr
V Donalds & cut some more
of the long grass in his house
paddock to make hay for our
Ruby came up & helped Bertha
to make Pneumonia jackets
for the patients at the hospitals
finishing three during the after-
noon. Bertha at it again at night
& got several more well on the
way to completion.
Several more Influenza patients
died during last night & this
morning including Mr Rupert
Morrison of Blairlogie Station


27 November 1918

November 1918
Wednesday 27
Fair day tho [though] rather
cold. Considerable snow on the
Tararua mountains which is rather
exceptional at this time of the year.
Had a trial at mending several
big holes in my bike tube but failed
to make same air tight & had to go
to cycle shop with it but they said
it was not worth spending the time
on & wanted me to buy a new one. Told
them I would take it home & repair it
myself. Sydney back to work at
office. Went down to Soldiers Club
hospital at night to go on duty
for the night. Found work fair
-ly easy there being 4 of us, so after
spending a couple of hours there
I went round to the central
depot & got a car to run me
home, arriving about 11.30.
Influenza epidemic still very bad
& several deaths have taken
place the last 24 hours, include
ing our neighbours O Smith,
Mrs Norman Beetham & lower down
the street, Mr Fair.

26 November 1918

November 1918
Tuesday 26
Fair day tho [though] rather cold
for this time of year.
Tried to mend my bike for
about 2 hours then gave it up
for a bad job. Had early dinner
then went down to office where I
put in the afternoon attending
correspondence etc.

Influenza still bad &
more deaths taken place.
Our neighbour Mrs O Smith
very ill, pneumonia having
set in.

25 November 1918

November 1918
Monday 25
Fine day. At work early
with my mates & got the wards
etc well cleaned up by 7 Oclock
ready for the day orderlies to
take over. Car called at 8 AM
to run me home. Had a vapour
bath first then got my mail &
home. Had a bath in Kerol
water then breakfast after
which I went down to attend
correspondence at office where
I put in the day.
Felt very sleepy at night &
had to go to bed soon after
Influenza claimed several
more victims during the day &
last night.

24 November 1918

November 1918
Sunday 24
Fair day.
Spent some time in trying to fix
up our lawn mower. Weeded
the onion & parsnip bed & thinn
-ed them out. Transplanted over
100 onions & about 40 lettuce

Influenza Epidemic still
severe & claiming many
victims locally & right through
out the Dominion.