31 October 1918

October 1918
Thursday 31
Rain. Down to office.
Sydney away in Wellington for
the day & tomorrow. Attended
to correspondence, etc.
Down to chess room at night
& played A Morgan a couple
of games winning one & losing
one. Also played Clemas, Junr [Junior]
a game & won.

War news state that the whole
Allied forces are advancing on
the different fronts. In Servia the
Austrians are retreating & are hotly
pursued by Servian & Allied forces
& on the Italian front the Anglo-
French-American troops assisting
the Italians are hammering the
Austrians in great style, thousands
of prisoners being taken. Turkey
asking for an armistice as they
have had enough & have sent a
plenipotentiary to interview the
Allies representative at Mudros.

30 October 1918

October 1918
Wednesday 30
Dull day. Rain early in
morn [morning] & at night. At office.
Did some letter writing also
wrote letter to son Leo at Home.

War news very good. All allied
armies advancing & taking great
numbers of prisoners & war
material. Stated that Turks
asking for peace terms & also
Austria preparing to surrender.

29 October 1918

October 1918
Tuesday 29
Rain. Showery.
At office. Not much doing.
At night Kemble came up &
we played our chess trophy
game which after a good fight,
I lost.  Mother, Norma & Jack
went to the Pictures.

War news state that Allied
forces are still driving Germans &
other enemy forces before them.
In Palestine the British forces
captured Aleppo from the Turks.
The populace gave the troops a
great welcome for their deliver
ance from Turkish rule.

News received from Defence dept
that cousin Owen Welch is a pris-
oner of war in Germany.

28 October 1918

October 1918
Monday 28
General holiday for most business
Firms. After breakfast we made our
way to the Newtown Hall where we met
our Saturdays opponents again & at 9
oclock started our 2nd round of chess games
which continued until nearly 1 pm.
Our team was outclassed again & we only
got 6 wins making the total wins in
the both rounds 10 ½ against our
opponents 23 ½. I lost my game again
against the Rev [Reverend] Braddock an old
veteran player for 40 years tho [though] we
kept going until past 12 oclock before
I capitulated. After morning tea & some
remarks by the respective captains
on conclusion of the match we made
for the Mansions for dinner, having to
catch the 3 pm train for Wairarapa.
Settled accounts, got train & arrived
in Masterton about 7.30. Got Ivy
O’Conner with his taxi to run Gretta
Kemble & self home arriving at 7.45
finding all well & waiting dinner
for us. Had a very enjoyable trip tho
we did get a beating; the Wgtn [Wellington] players beat
ing us handsomely.

27 October 1918

October 1918
Sunday 27
After breakfast at
the Mansion’s I walked down
to the Windsor Hotel to meet Gretta &
see what her programme was for the day.
Went up to Kelburne [Kelburn] with Kemble, Ruby & Gretta
& called on cousins Redmond & Bray.
Back to Mansions for dinner at 1 pm
& at 2 pm the Wgtn [Wellington] chess players came
round with 4 motor cars to run us round.
Went away round the bays, Evans, Seatoun
Island Bay where we had afternoon tea
then round Happy Valley way & back
to the city via a roundabout way,
arriving at the Mansions after 5 pm hav
ing travelled about 30 miles. I caught
a tram car & went out to tea to sister
Ada’s at Seatoun whilst Gretta went
to the convent to see her old mates
& the sisters where she spent her
last 12 months schooling & stayed
there the night. I got the 9.40 tram
back to town arriving at headquarters
to find our players just retiring. Rained
heavily during the afternoon which
somewhat marred the days outing.

24 October 1918

October 1918
Thursday 24
Stormy weather.
Cold southerly all day with
heavy rain. A regular break
up for the peoples day of the
Wairarapa A & P show held
at Carterton today. At office.
Not much doing.
Down to chess at night
& played Clemas & won.

Parliament Session
opened today.

War news state Allied
forces still forging ahead
on the Western front