30 September 1918

September 1918
Monday 30
Fine day.
Before breakfast I
planted a few potatoes.
At office.

War news still coming
in good. Allies break
up the enemy all along
the line. Belgians
attacked the Germans
& broke thro [through] them for
8 miles taking thousands
of prisoners & great booty.

28 September 1918

September 1918
Saturday 28
Fine day.
Before breakfast I sowed a
packet of onion seed.
Down to office. Sydney
away for medical exam
ination & classed C 1 to
go into camp at the end
of November. A B Cottle &
Miss Campbell in re the
former leasing the latters
103 acres. Offered 26/- per
ac [acre] for it. Mr Coup in re
purchasing Swansons pro
perty. Busy with labour
Received cablegram from
Leo stating “Arrived well”.
Bertha, Gretta & sister
Doll went to the Picture
Show at night
War news state Franco-
Americans made a big
drive & captured the first
line of defence & have taken
16000 prisoners.

27 September 1918

September 1918
Friday 27
Fine warm day.
Planted a few potatoes
before breakfast.
Down to office. Mr Green
wood, Bank manager in
re purchase of house pro
perty. W Nops in & gave
me his property in Essex
Str [Street] for sale at £4500

War news state Allied
troops in France launched
another big offensive. In
the Balkans the Servians
have advanced over 50
miles against the Bulgars
& have one of their armies
surrounded. 40000 Turks
said to be surrounded in

26 September 1918

September 1918
Thursday 26
Received parcel from Leo
from Capetown.
Fair day.
Down to office.
Took Mrs Coup to see
Mrs Mills property in
Wrigley Street & arrang-
ed to show them other
places on Saturday.
Home early & sowed
onion, carrot & pars-
nip seeds. Down to station
at night & met sister Doll
up from Wellington for a holi
day. Sent her home in a car
then went to Chess & play
ed Harry Warner in the
trophy (sealed handicap)
competition & won after
a long game lasting up
to 12 oclock.
War news state Allied
forces in the Balkans are
driving the Bulgars head
long & have now invaded
Bulgaria. Turks getting
a hot time in Mesopotamia
& 40000 prisoners have
been taken

25 September 1918

September 1918
Wednesday 25
Dull day. Light rain
at intervals.
At office. Sold Mrs O’Neills
property in Hogg Crescent to
C H Ladner & arranged with
Gawith & Logan to prepare the
transfer. Down to see Swan
-sons house at Kuripuni
with Mrs Coup. Young Cooper
of Te Ore Ore in re purchase
of 12 acres of Mrs Dickens
property at Opaki at £50
per acre.

Our Jack in bed with bad
attack of Bronchitis

Mother sent two parcels
of sox, towels, etc to our
War news good. Bulgaraians
in full retreat, the Franco-
Servian & Greeko- British
forces pursuing them & cap
turing prisoners & great

24 September 1918

September 1918
Tuesday 24
Fair day. Before
breakfast I planted a
few potatoes. Down to
office. Young Cooper from
Te Ore Ore in re pur
chase of about 15 acres of
Mr Dickens property at
Opaki. Rang him up &
he said he would take
£50 per ac [acre] for 12 acres.
Took Dean round to see
Brunton’s property & he
will let me know to
morrow re same.
Took Mrs Cooper to see
Swanson’s new house in
Renall Str [Street].
Received long letter from
our Leo written whilst
on the voyage home, 26
pages of closely written
news of their doings on
War news state 25000 Turks
taken prisoner & 40000 in
a tight corner. Over 300 guns

23 September 1918

September 1918
Monday 23
Fair day. At office.
Took Mrs Dean to
see Bruntons property in
Wrigley Street, with which
she was rather pleased
& arranged that Mr Dean
should see it with me to
morrow. Saw Ladner
who agreed to buy Mrs O’
Neill’s house in Hogg Cres
cent if mortgage to be
paid off.

War news state Turks
in Palestine in a corner –
the British forces cutting
them to pieces & captur (sic)
immense quantities of
stores guns & material
& over 18000 prisoners

22 September 1918

September 1918
Sunday 22
Light rain
early in the day then
cleared for fine. Got
some Cabbage, Cauli
flowers & onion plants
from Mr J B Henry & planted
them out. He also gave
me some early rose seed
potatoes & garden plants.

21 September 1918

September 1918
Saturday 21
Rain. Indications for
a cold S Easter but toward
evening it cleared for
fine weather. Down to

War news state that
the British forces in
Palestine outflanked
the Turks & routed
them capturing thousands
& a large quantity of booty.
The Colonial & Indian
cavalry got to work & pur
sued the flying enemy
for miles. Operations
took place some 5 miles
from the coast.