31 August 1918

August 1918
Saturday 31
Fine day. At office.
E Pelling in & signed agree
ment to sell his property
to J Tinsley. Sent pars [particulars] of a
number of properties over Mana
watu to E Turner of Awakuri.

Our Jack went to Carterton
with the School Rep foot
ballers as an onlooker &
host of Lauri Cowie from
Wanganui School.

War news state that the
Allied forces still compelling
Germans to retreat. The
New Zealanders have done
great work & with little aid
have captured Bapanne.
Reported that 120000 pris
oners & 2000 guns have been
captured since July 19th; the
British capturing 56000
of them.


30 August 1918

August 1918
Friday 30
Fair day. At office.
J Tinsley in re purchase
of property & went down
to see E Pellings house &
½ ac [acre] in High Str [Street]. Arranged
a sale at £ 450 & got
agreement signed.
Posted pars [particulars] of 15000 acres at
Tauranga to O McElroy
of Halcombe.

29 August 1918

August 1918
Thursday 29
Rain. Showery.

Down to office.
Not much doing.
Bronchitis still affect
ing me & I was unable to
go down to chess at
night. Did not have
too good a night.
Hon Thomas Wilford
up from Wellington & gave
an address to Patriotoc
Society & Red Cross work
ers on question of financial
support & it was decided
by Patriotic Committee to
tote £10,000 towards the
Red Cross funds.

War news still good &
further progress being

28 August 1918

August 1918
Wednesday 28
Rain. Got Pinheys
cab to run up & take
me to office. Busy with
labour matters. Sydney
down after dinner.
Bern returned to Flat
Spur, leaving about 3pm.

War news state that
allied forces still mak
ing headway & have cap
tured Bapaume and
Peronne & numerous
small villages.

27 August 1918

Tuesday 27
In bed all day
having a bad attack of
Bronchitis. Had no sleep
last night thro [through] coughing.
Had a plaster of mustard,
turpentine & castor oil
on my chest all day
which did a lot of good &
drew the inflammation
out. Our clerk Sydney
also away from office
with a severe cold in face
so Bern went to the office
& took charge for the day.
At night he took mother
& Gretta to hear the famous
singer Capelli at the
opera house.

26 August 1918

August 1918
Monday 26
Fine day. Rain at
night. At office.
Not much doing.
Mr Cook a dental prac
titioner called for rooms
& I showed him Town
sends for which he offered
30-/- per week for 12
months. Wired Townsend
in Wellington & received re
ply at night advising
me to let same.

War news state Germans
still retreating & leaving
thousands of prisoners
in hands of British &
New Zealanders taking
part in the attack & doing
great work, also the Austra
lians, the colonials re
ceiving great praise from
the Generals for their
great dash & bravery.

25 August 1918

August 1918
Sunday 25
In bed all day & had
a poultice of castor oil
turpentine & mustard
on my chest for Bron
chitis & received great
benefit from same.
Our Bern rode in from
Flat Spur to stay a day
or two.