31 July 1918

July 1918
Wednesday 31
Fine day. Rain
at night with heavy
wind. At office.
Made arrangements with
G Hyde, undertaker, for
burial of T Kemble to-

30 July 1918

July 1918
Tuesday 30
Fair day. Rain
at night with heavy gale.
Wire received from Well-
ington that my brother-
in-law T P Kemble had
died & that the body would
be brought to Masterton
for burial on Thursday.
Wired C Kemble, brother
Mot & others.

29 July 1918

July 1918
Monday 29
Cold showery day
South East weather.
Snow fell during the early
morning. Took Irving
to see property I had for
sale in Wrigley Street.
T Petersen in re property
& got pars [particulars] of Fowler’s &
S P Lett’s.
War news state Allied
armies still making
progress & that 30,000
prisoners have been taken
during their offensive

28 July 1918

July 1918
Sunday 28
Fair day.
At home. Cleaned the
gutters of the house
& cut away some of the
Matipo limbs on the
South side of the house.
Kerosened one of our
apple trees to kill the
Woolly Aphis, putting
the kerosene on with a

27 July 1918

July 1918
Saturday 27
Clear cold wintry weather.
Down to office. Not much
doing. Winnie Diederich
returned home to Palmerston
Norma & I seeing her off
by the 11.40 express.
War news state that
the Allied forces are
still forcing the Germans
back capturing large
numbers of prisoners &
Posted letter to
our Leo.

26 July 1918

July 1918
Friday 26
Cold day with
South East showers.
At office. Not much
doing. Finished my
letter to Leo at night.
Mother, Gretta, Norma
& Winnie Diederich
went to the Pictures
at night.

War news still good
more country being
recovered by the Allied
forces on the Western
front & a large number
of prisoners captured.

25 July 1918

July 1918
Thursday 25
Cold S East rainy
day. Down to office.
Not well all day & about
2pm had to get home &
go to bed. Hot fomentations
& other treatment gave
ease about 6 o’clock & I
had a fair nights rest.

War news still favour
able & more country re
captured from the Germans
who are desperately try-
ing to hold the hold (sic) the
allied forces in check