30 June 1918

June 1918
Sunday 30
Fine day.
Very hard frost in the
Put the day in the gar
den pruning & kerosened
apple trees for Woolly
Aphis using raw
kerosene & putting it
on with a brush.
Wheeled some earth
from up the hill cutting
down to the garden.
Kemble up for tea & we
played a couple of games
of chess winning one

29 June 1918

June 1918
Saturday 29
Cold day. At office.
Not much doing.
Kemble came up at
night & we played chess
till 11 oclock.
Mother, Gretta & Jack
went to the Picture
Theatre at night

28 June 1918

June 1918
Friday 28
Cold rainy day.
At office. Not much

News from Auckland
state that another
of the Winimera’s boats
with about 30 on board
has reached shore.
Search boats have failed
to locate any more
survivors & its pre
sumed they have been
drowned about 40
of the passengers &
crew including the
Captain & Chief officer.

Received word that
Cousin Harold Welch
is dangerously ill at
Dannevirke & is not
expected to live.

27 June 1918

June 1918
Thursday 27
Cold wet day.
At office. Mr Pike of
Eketahuna in re pur
chase of property &
I submitted farms to
him & gave a letter of
introduction to him
to view Mr S McGoverns
property at Alfredton.
Down to Chess at night
& opened a match against
Warner for the Dagg
Shield. Had to concede
him a pawn & 2 moves
& when we finished for
the nights play at 11.13.
I was somewhat to the
bad in position losing a
rook for a bishop.

News telegraphed from
Auckland that the steam
er Winimera was sunk
off North Cape by an explos-
ion presume by a mine set by
Germans. 56 missing of
about 145 on board

26 June 1918

June 1918
Wednesday 26
Rain. Squally
weather. At office.
Business dull.
Kemble & I played chess
at night.
Leo came up from camp
bringing one of his mates
up for the evening & they
returned to Camp leaving
home at 11 oclock by

News from the front state
that Italians have
inflicted a decisive
defeat upon the Austrians.
American, British &
French troops making
local raids upon the
German posts & are
doing good work.

24 June 1918

June 1918
Monday 24
Damp weather. Cold.
At office. Not much
Leo returned to camp
leaving by the 7.15 AM
War news state that
Italians are still forcing
the Austrians to retreat.
On the Western front
only local raids are
taking place in which
a considerable number
of Germans have been
taken prisoner

23 June 1918

June 1918
Sunday 23
Fine day. Got some
earth from bank along
the road side & put it
in the flower plots.
Cut out a drooping
willow tree from by
the rose pergola as it
was shading it too
much & preventing