31 May 1918

May 1918
Friday 31
Fine day.
Down to office. Not much
doing. Mr A W Renall in &
gave me pars [particulars] of his small
farm at Homebush which
he wishes sold.

War news state that the
Germans still forcing
back the Franco-British
troops & they claim to have
taken 25,000 prisoners

30 May 1918

May 1918
Thursday 30
Fine day. At office.
Not much doing.
Down to Chess at night
& played Jones H, in the
Dagg Shield competition
my opponent having to
give me pawn & move.
After a somewhat stren
uous game I pulled
off as winner. Had a
good muster at the room
about 14 players taking
part in matches. Home
soon after 12.
War news state that Ger
mans have captured the
fortified town of Soissons
& have got to within a few
miles of Rheims.
American troops captured
a strong position from the

29 May 1918

May 1918
Wednesday 29
Rain. Cold
S East. At office.
Business dull.
Bern down town & saw
Carrick, Dalgetys manager
about getting a position
with their firm.
Leo up from Camp at

28 May 1918

May 1918
Tuesday 28
Rain. Showery.
Down to office.
Not much doing.

War news state that
Germans have opened
another big offensive on the
Western front & have
forced the Franco-British
troops back at several
Bern returned from
the Territorial camp
at Woodville

German troops still ad
vancing & driving the Franco
British forces before them.

27 May 1918

May 1918
Monday 27
Dull day
At office. Not much do
ing. Kemble came up at
night & we played chess.

War news state that the
Germans have opened
another big attack against
the Franco-British troops
& have made considerable
progress driving our forces
back for several miles

25 May 1918

May 1918
Saturday 25
Rain. Heavy showers.
Weather turning cold.
Flood water found its
way into several shops
last night & people
busy cleaning up the silt.
Mr P Hamill in & I took
him down to see Milne’s
property in Cornwall
Street at £950. Rather
pleased with it & will
take Mrs Hamill down
to look thro [through] it.
Our Chess Secretary up
to our place at night
& we played two games
winning one each.