30 April 1918

April 1918
Tuesday 30
Heavy rain at
night & part of the day.
At office. Not much doing.
Took Mr Atkinson to see
Mr William’s property at
Lansdowne with which he
appeared to be fairly well


29 April 1918

April 1918
Monday 29
Fine day. At office

Not much doing


27 April 1918

April 1918
Saturday 27
Fine day. Down to
office. Not much doing.
Our Leo came up from
the Papawai Training
Camp to stay till Monday
morning. Niece Eileen
up from the Wellington
Hospital for a holiday

War news state that
German fiercely attack
ing on the Western front
trying to break through
to Amiens. Australian
& New Zealand troops
doing good work the former
in an attack on a village in
which the Germans were
fighting the British, took
600 German prisoners

26 April 1918

April 1918
Friday 26
Frost rather sharp.
Fine day. Lighted a fire in
our office for the first time
since last winter.
Mrs Voice in re property &
I took her to see H Fields
house in Villa Street which
she decided to inspect again
with her husband tomorrow.
Mrs MacDonald in re selling
their property at Lansdowne.
Our Leo rang up from the
Papawai camp where he &
other are taking a course in

25 April 1918

April 1918
Thursday 25
Fine weather.
Down to office.
Not much doing.
After dinner I planted
Ranunculus bulbs for
Bertha then dug the last of
the potatoes up & sowed oats
over the ground & forked
them in. Down to chess at
night with nephew Kemble
& played our Secretary
Clemas & beat him.
Eileen came up from the
hospital at Wellington
having 3 weeks holiday
from nursing duty.

24 April 1918

April 1918
Wednesday 24
Berthas Birthday
Age 44
Fine day. Down to
office. Mr H Eglinton in with
Mr Cleland of Lower Hutt
with view to purchase of
a sheep farm. Submitted
Mr M Jackson’s 416 acres
at Matahiwi which they
decided to inspect one
day this week.