30 March 1918

March 1918
Saturday 30
Fair day. Down to Rly [Railway]
Station with Leo & Bern
in Nicholson’s car to catch
the 6.20 train to Palmerston,
Leo & Bern being en route to
Rotorua for a weeks trip the
former having leave from Camp
for 2 weeks. At 9.30 I left
with Mr & Mrs Bowman in
their car for Pigeon Bush to
inspect J Daggs property of
909 acres quoted at £22-10
per acre. Arrived there about
10.30 & Mr Dagg showed us
us over the farm & offered it as
a going concern with 1400 sheep
160-170 cattle including
his stud Herefords, horses,
implements etc as a going concern
at £25-10 per acre. Nothing
definite done in matter by my
client. Home about 2.30 & had
afternoon tea at our place then
Bowman left for Palmerston.
Played chess with Clemas at night
winning one & losing one game

29 March 1918

March 1918
Friday 29 – Good Friday
Wintry day. Windy from the
southwest. Made a flower
bed on the Northern side of
Tennis Court. Limed
the flower ground & some
of the vegetable garden.
Wheeled a lot of earth from
the roadside into the gar
den for the purpose of filling
up the ground.
Went down to Nops place
at night & played him chess
winning a game each, even

Miss Eileen Redwood came
down from Woodville to
spend Easter with us, she
& Gretta being college chums
when in Wellington

28 March 1918

March 1918
Thursday 28
At office. Busy all
day, having the office to my-
self thro [through] Sydney being away
& N James also going for a
holiday. Collected £217.5
Commission C on sale
of Fields property to McLach
lan & £50 on sale of Taylors
to Thomas.
Down to YMCA at night
& played chess losing a game
to G A Jones who played
a Knight down.

Our Bern rode in from
Flat Spur to go with Leo
for a trip to Rotorua & the
Waitomo caves.

27 March 1918

March 1918
Wednesday 27
Fine day. At office.
Messrs Field & McLachlan
in & completed sale, my
Commission being £217.
Taylor & Thomas in & com
pleted sale my Commission
being £50. Took Mrs Taylor
to see W C Welch’s property at
Lansdowne also R Hatch’s
Great German offensive
against the Anglo-French
at the Western front the
former pushing forward
with over 1,000,000 troops
causing our armies to fall
back for miles after terrible
slaughter. A lot of villages
captured by the Germans

26 March 1918

March 1918
Tuesday 26
Fine day. At office.
Saw Finn re purchase of
property. Leo put up a case
of apples to send to Perry
one of his university mates at
Knox College & sent them down
by NZ Express Co [Company].

War news give an account of
a terrible German attack
against the Allied armies on
the Western front in which
they have compelled the Fran
co-British-American armies
to fall back some miles after
terrible slaughter on both sides.
The Central powers it is stated
have 97 divisions fighting on
this front making a supreme
effort to crush the Allied
armies. Germans state that
30000 prisoners have been taken
also 600 guns & enormous
booty. The Allied armies were
outnumbered 8 to 1 in a
great many cases

25 March 1918

March 1918
Monday 25
Fine day. At office.
Mr G McKay with his daughter
& grandson went to Taratahi
& got W H Reynolds to come
to Masterton to fix up the
deal of the latters property to
Mrs McKay. They went to the
solicitors & had an agreement
drawn up & McKay paid down
a deposit of £ 500. Mr Rey
nolds then came to me & wrote
out a cheque for £ 250 being
my commission on the sale.
Took Finn to Lansdowne
& showed him Mrs Evans
property & he made an offer
of £ 750 for it & then Mrs
Finn would not agree to
buying as the house was too

23 March 1918

March 1918
Saturday 23
Fine day. At office.
Mr G McKay & son Neil
McKay & grandson
came in & we went down in
the formers car to see WH
Reynolds 450 ac [acre] farm.
Had a good look over it
& after getting light lunch
we returned to town when
Messrs McKay discussed
purchasing & eventually offer
ed £ 25/-/ per acre with crops
& implements in. Hired Jen
kins to run me down in his
car, Mrs Jenkins, Bertha &
our 2 children Norma & Brian
going also. Got an answer
to the effect that he would
take the £ 25/-/ per ac & give
one stack in the whole of
the money to be paid over
at that price or £ 26 per ac
with £ 3000 cash down.