28 February 1918

February 1918
Thursday 28
At office. After dinner
I went out with two
brothers name Brewerton
to see property with a
view to selling one to
them if their people come
up from south.
At night I attended a
chess meeting & took
the chair as President
of the Club. 7 members
present. After the
business was disposed
of we played a game
the Secretary Clemas
& I playing with a loss to
I was re-elected a
Vice President


26 February 1918

February 1918
Tuesday 26
Fine day. Rain
indications towards even
ing. At office. Mr R Mc
Murray in re 15000 acres
I have for sale near Tau
-ranga & he took particulars
with him to Foxton with a
view to forming a syndicate
to buy the block.
Wrote G A Gamman re


25 February 1918

February 1918
Monday 25
Fine day.
At office. Mr Rossiter in
for farm & I rang up
Parker & Vincent of Levin
re some they have for sale
& got word back to run over
with my client. Arranged
to go over with him one day
at end of week.
Rang up P Tulloch of Pahiatua
& asked him to send pars [particulars]
down of some dairy farms.


23 February 1918

February 1918
Saturday 23
Fine weather.
Down to office.
At night Bertha & Gretta
& Leo went to Jones &
had music etc for an
hour or two.
Found dog Bob dead
when we got up &
Leo & I buried him under
the Willow tree in the corner
of the lawn


22 February 1918

February 1918
Friday 22
Fine day.
Down to office.
Our poor dog Bob in
great pain at night &
I endeavoured to do some
thing to ease him until 2
a m when I got chloroform
& tried to put him off.
Eventually he got up off his
bed of hay & staggered out
side & I left him thinking
he would move about & so
get ease.