31 January 1918

January 1918
Thursday 31
Fine day. At office.
Mr F E Riddiford called
as per appointment yester
day to get particulars of
Messrs Pain & Sutherlands
Admiral Run which I
typed & gave him. Discussed
the matter of inspection
with him & he asked me when
I could go out. Advised him
my time could be made to suit
him & he said he would
think over it & see me again.
Later on he called & said since
seeing me he had got the pars [particulars]
from another agent who said
if he bought the property thro [through]
him he would finance the deal.
Told him I would have to protect
myself with owners if he did
that. Advised both Messrs
Pain & Sutherland that Riddi
ford had got pars from me.
White of Pahiatua called for
house & looked at Williams
at Lansdowne at £675. Will
inspect with Mrs W on Monday.

30 January 1918

January 1918
Wednesday 30
Fine day. At office.
H Field down from Maurice
-ville in connection with sale
of his property to Corrigan
& we saw Cooper who advised
that Corrigan would be up
from Christchurch on Monday
to fix up. Mr E Riddiford
arranged to call in the morn
ing & see me in reference to
purchasing the Admiral Run
of 4324 acres to call at 9.30.
Saw W M Laing re his son
buying part of Lansdowne

29 January 1918

January 1918
Tuesday 29
Fine day. At office.
Pilmer rang up from Spring

Hill & advised that he would
be in on Friday & discuss the
selling of his 780 acre farm
near Tinui. Saw Hives
re purchasing same & arrang
ed for interview with Pilmer
on Friday.
At night our children,
with Gretta as manager
& niece Jean Lauchlan
gave us an entertainment
in our dining room,
charging us an entrance fee
to the room in aid of Bel
gian baby’s fund.

27 January 1918

January 1918
Sunday 27
Very fine day. Hottest day
this year. Got barrel ready
for Elder wine & soldered
the bath.
Mr T Wyeth came up for
a while after dinner.
Kemble up at night &
we played a game of chess
which I lost

25 January 1918

January 1918
Friday 25
Fine day. At office.
Saw Madden re Archers
property but he would not
go more than £800. Saw
Archer who said he would
let me know by 10 oclock
tomorrow. Saw J C Cooper
who arranged to go up to
inspect Fields 1086 acres
at Mount Bruce.
Carried in the last of our
hay when I arrived home
in the evening.
Kemble up at night & we
played a game of chess
he winning after a some
what erratic game by both
of us.

24 January 1918

January 1918
Thursday 24
Fine day. At office.
Madden of Madden & Jenkins
Motor Garage looked at Archers
house with me then at Suttons
Made an offer of £800 for Archers
Saw the latter who stated he
would take £825.

Sister Ada & her 3 children
came down from Makomako
to spend a few days with
us prior to returning home
to Wellington.

Went down to G A Jones’ at
night & played him 2
games of chess he giving
me a Knight, each winning
a game.

23 January 1918

January 1918
Wednesday 23
Fine day. Down to
office. Wired Corrigan
stating Field would sell,
at £8/-/- pr ac [per acre]. Field in
& signed agreeing to that
price. Mr Langridge of
Waipawa in for lease
hold & took letter to
W Chamberlain of Woodville,
my co-agent who has a
farm to lease.
G Salter of Makuri in &
gave me his farm of 454 acres
to sell.
Before tea I carried in some
hay that I had cut in Mrs
Morrisons place.