31 December 1917

December 1917
Monday 31
Dull day. With stormy
indications day & night.
Leo, Bern & I turned the
hay at Creswells then we
put it into ponts as it
looked extremely like rain.
Down to office at 12 oclock
& let Sid off for the day.
Worked at office until 4
oclock then home.
Bern & Leo at Logan’s
playing tennis during
the afternoon.

War news state British
repulsed Turks assisted
by Austro-Germans some
few miles from Jerusalem


30 December 1917

December 1917
Sunday 30
Dull day. Very stormy
looking, & indications of
rain all day & at night.
Made a plum pudding
for dinner.
Shook out some hay in
our back paddock to
allow it to dry.
After dinner I banked
up potatoes & did odd
jobs in garden.
Gretta, Leo & Bern went
for a picnic with a num
ber of Masterton people
to Macara’s farm where
they spent a pleasant day.

27 December 1917

December 1917
Thursday 27
Dull day with light
misty rain at intervals.
Down to office & attended
correspondence. Home
about 3 pm. Had a little
lunch then went out & cut some
hay getting nearly half our
paddock down.

26 December 1917

December 1917
Wednesday 26
Cut some hay in our back
paddock then left Bern to
try his hand whilst Leo &
I went up to Creswells &
put the hay that was dry
into rows. After dinner as it
looked like rain I put it
into cocks then went down
with the family to the sports
on the Park Oval. Leo was
handicapped out of most of
his events & only came in
second in the 880 yards.
Had afternoon tea down
on the grounds. Went to
the Pictures in the Opera
house at night with Mother
Gretta & Norma. Leo went
to the dinner at Empire
hotel given by the Athletic
Club to the competitors.