31 October 1917

October 1917
Wednesday 31
Rain. Showery till
about 1.30.
Down to office.
Did some canvassing
with A J Joyce for shares
in the Great Northern
Waihi Goldmining Coy [Company]
which is situate at Waihi

Baby show held
at D K Logan’s grounds
at Lansdowne the atten
dance being marked by the
weather conditions

Our cow, the first we
have had gave birth to
a fine bull calf.


30 October 1917

October 1917
Tuesday 30
Fine day. At
office. Did some can
vassing with A J Joyce
for shares in the Great
Northern Waihi mining
Coy [Company] at Waihi. Got F W
Pointon to take up 400 5/-
shares. Went down to
Cornwall Street & saw
J Milne re selling his
house & got authority
to sell at £ 950.

29 October 1917

October 1917
Monday 29
Very nice day. At
office. Took S Creswell
round to look at town
properties. Not much

In the Examinations
at the New Zealand
University in Dunedin
our Leo passed in
Biology, Physics and
Organic Chemistry but
failed in the 4th subject
Inorganic Chemistry.

27 October 1917

October 1917
Saturday 27
Fair day. At office.
A J Joyce down from Auck
land on mining business &
I introduced him to a num
ber of likely investors. Sold
J Campbell of Opaki 200
5/- shares

War news state great
battle taking place between
the German & Italian
troops, the Austro-German
troops having massed an
immense army for their

Mother able to get out
of bed.

26 October 1917

October 1917
Friday 26
Light showers.
Very warm. At office.
Not much doing.
Wrote list of properties
up for S Cresswell to

War news state that
Allied troops have
taken prisoners
over 8000 German troops,
about 70 guns and a
lot of small arms.

25 October 1917


October 1917
Thursday 25
Rain. Warm show
ers. 2nd day of Carterton
show so shops closed at
11 AM. I put the afternoon
in at digging in the garden.
At night I went to the
YMCA & had chess prac