30 September 1917

September 1917
Sunday 30
Fine day. Transplanted
sweet peas until time
for dinner.
In the afternoon I got
into the gooseberry patch
& weeded thro [through] it until
about 6 oclock.
Wrote to Gunner Bern
Bertelsen who is
with the troops in
Bertha & Norma
drove to church so I
made a plum pudding
for dinner which every
body said was an ex
tremely good one.

29 September 1917

September 1917
Saturday 29
Heavy rain at intervals
At office. Not much doing.
Mr & Mrs J W Buchanan
called & we went down
to see Mr Jacksons pro
perty in Chapel Street.
After tea I did some
digging by moonlight.

28 September 1917

September 1917
Friday 28
Fair day. At office.
Not much doing.
Did some correspond
dence. Lunched at W
FCA tea rooms
Received letter from Leo
in which he stated he had
got thro [through] his examination
very well at University

27 September 1917

September 1917
Thursday 27
Rain during the
night. At office. Num
ber of men up from Well
ington looking for work
there being a large number
down there out of work
owing to the strike of sea
men holding up the
coastal boats.
Down to YMCA room
at night to take part in
chess. Played a new man
named Crandle who
plays a hard game & who
had a slight advantage
when he had to leave.
Home with Kemble about
11.15 pm.

Severe fighting still in pro
gress on the Western front
& German positions being
captured by the British
troops, the Australians
doing great work.
Gretta returned to College by
the 7.15 AM train & I went to
station & saw her off.

26 September 1917

September 1917
Wednesday 26
Fine day.
At office. Not much
doing. Went to YMCA
room at night to play
chess, our club having
arranged to entertain
a team from the military
camp at Featherston.
We expected about 12
to come up & provided
for that number but
only 2 arrived so we
were forced to play
amongst ourselves, there
being about 12 of our play
ers there.

Severe fighting on the Western
front the Franco British
forces with their allies
getting a decided advan
tage over the Germans

24 September 1917

September 1917
Monday 24 –Dominion Day-Bank Holiday
Light rain during the
evening. At office. Govt [Government]
Departments kept holiday
it being the Anniversary of
the declaration of New Zealand
being a Dominion.
Not much doing. Sydney
had a day off.
Mother, Gretta & Norma
went at night to the
Town Hall to see the
great picture show

23 September 2017

September 1917
Sunday 23
Fine day.
Planted some potatoes
carrot & Lettuce seed.
Mended fence across the
back paddock.
Kemble & Ruby up during
afternoon & stayed the
evening. Played Kemble 3
games of chess losing 2 &
winning one.

21 September 1917

September 1917
Friday 21
Fine day. At office.
Wrote out an agreement
for sale & purchase of Caver
hills property to W R Kem
-ball & got the latter to sign
same & pay a deposit of
Down to Rly station [Railway station] at
7.15pm to meet Gretta
who came home from
college for the week end,
Monday next being Domin
-ion day and a Govt [Government] holiday,
Caverhill at station to meet his mother
& he brought Gretta home.

20 September 1917

September 1917
Thursday 20
Fine day.
At office. Not much do
ing. Home about 2 pm
& after lunch I prepared
some ground & planted
potatoes. Down to Chess
room at night & played
Kemble 3 games & lost
the lot. Held a meeting
of the Committee to arrange
for the match to be played
against a team from the
military club at Featherston
to be played next Wednesday
at Masterton.

Voting in the House of
Representatives on the
early closing of
hotels during the war, the
House by a majority of 13
carried 6 oclock closing
as against the Govt [Government] pro
posal to close at 8 pm.
Great rejoicing in the pro-
hibition camp.