31 August 1917

August 1917
Friday 31
At office.
Wilton & Blake down to see
if they could get an agreement
fixed up for the latter to
purchase Wiltons property.
As the matter hung on Blake
being able to sell his own to his
neighbour who was not prepar
ed to close on the conditions re
quired by Blake nothing definite
was done & the matter was left
open for me to deal with any
other buyer.
Consulted W G Beard in
reference to procuring a
loan for McLachlan’s to
buy Fields property & he pro
mised to advance an amount
required if they could find
a certain amount of cash
to put into it.


30 August 1917

August 1917
Thursday 30
Fine day.
Cycled up to Opaki & met
McLachlan Brothers with their
motor car at their gate to
go up to Mount Bruce & inspect
Field’s 1086 acre property.
Left cycle & went up in car.
Found Field waiting for up (sic) &
with the manager we all went
over the property. Arrived back
at the house about 1 oclock &
after having lunch we discussed
the matter of purchasing, even
tually getting a reduction from
£ 10 per acre to £ 9-15 and an
option for 7 days. Back home
about 5 o’clock, after tea
I went down to chess &
played Thirtle for the trophy
& got beaten tho [though] I had
a handicap of a pawn & 2
moves & should have won.
Home about 11 pm.

29 August 1917

August 1917
Wednesday 29
Fine day. At office.
Josh McKenzie in re purchase
of Ridgways property & paid
me £5/- for contents of Mrs Caesar’s
house in Makora road. Mr J W
Blake rang me up & said he
& Mr P Wilton would be down on
Friday to fix up a deal for the
former’s 640 acre farm at
Pori. Mr P W Vennell of Martin-
borough in & gave me his pro
perty of 470 acres for sale.
Wrote to Leo & sent cheque
to him for pocket expenses.
Kemble & Ruby up for a while
in the evening.
Planted out a few young gum
trees in our paddock behind
the house

Greece declares war
with the Allies against
Germany, Austria
Turkey & Bulgaria

28 August 1917

August 1917
Tuesday 28
Fine day. At office.
Mr H Field in & we arranged
that he should meet McLach
lans & myself at Fields farm, Mount Bruce
with a view to McLachlans buy
ing the place 1086 ac [acre] at £10/-
pr [per] ac. Mrs Quigley in re purchase
of house. J Blake of Ihuarama
arranged to inspect P Wiltons
property at Pori. Ray Wilton
up re same. Lunched at
WFCA tea rooms.

The war loan of £ 12,000
000 now being raised within
the Dominion is rapidly
being subscribed. The total
amount to be raised will
be £20000,000 but it is pro
posed to only call up the 12000
000 at present. This is
termed The Liberty Loan.
Interest is fixed at 4 ½ %
free of income tax.

27 August 1917

August 1917
Monday 27
Cold day with S East
showers at night.
Down to office. Received
letter from Mrs E Ridgway
accepting J McKenzies offer
for her property in Nursery Road.
Settled with Mrs A Green
with sale to Cole. Percy Wilton
in re selling his property at
War news state that Italians
are forcing back the Austrian
troops & have broken their line
for 37 ½ miles, taking
during this attack 20,000 prisoner
privates, 500 officers & 60
big guns. Active artillerying
on the Western front with
varying success the advantage
resting with the Franco-
British & Allied forces.
Italians said to have
9000 big guns in the present
offensive pounding the Austrian
defences to pieces.

26 August 1917

August 1917
Sunday 26
Rain. Rubbed up the phaeton
& got the ponies for Bertie to
drive to church. Norma & I
prepared dinner.
After dinner I put a new
handle in the mall & then
burst up gum roots for
the fire.

25 August 1917

August 1917
Saturday 25
Fine day. Our Jack age
14 left by 7.15 AM train for
Wellington with the Wairarapa
Schools Junior Rep football team
to play against Wellington to
day. Down to office. Lunched
at Cosy Tea rooms.
Submitted to Duncan
McLachlan H Fields 1086
acre property at Mount
Bruce at £10 per acre.