31 July 1917

July 1917
Tuesday 31
Fine day. At office.
Mr A T Spain got pars [particulars] from
me of P Wiltons property for
Mr Groves of Pahiatua who
will probably inspect next
Thursday. Saw G C Summerell
re selling him a section to
build on & quoted Messr’s
Kerrs, Donovans & Mrs
Pickerings. Wrote Mrs Lewis
of Upper Plain quoting proper
ties with view to selling her

30 July 1917

July 1917
Monday 30
Fine day. At office.
Mr & Mrs Cole in re pur
chase of property & looked
at Mrs Green’s in Villa Str [Street],
which they will probably buy
on Wednesday. Mrs King,
junr [junior], also called & got pars [particulars]
of properties including Rup
Welch’s at Lansdowne.
War news state that Russians
continue to retreat before
the Austro-Germans in
Galicia & further south the
Russo-Rumanians are
following up the Austro-
German forces who are re
treating before the former’s
forces. Terrific artillerying
between the forces on the
Franco-Belgian front.

29 July 1917

July 1917
Sunday 29
Rain. Showery from North
East during the morning, then
changed to the South after
noon. Went up to V Donalds
& got some gooseberry
cuttings to set out & also some
Rhubarb plants. Made a
bed of the cuttings & planted
the Rhubarb then did a
little digging.
Had a hot bath, then tea
after which I read the
Dominion. Hot elder
wine then to bed.

28 July 1917

July 1917
Saturday 28
Rain. Showery.
Down to office. Not much
doing. Lunched at WFC
A tea room.
Bertie & Norma went
with Kemble & Ruby to
the Cosy Theatre pictures
at night.

27 July 1917

July 1917
Friday 27
Rain. Turned rather
cold towards evening.
Not much doing. Lunched
at WFCA tea rooms.

War news state that the
Germans are driving the
Russians before them in Gali-
cia & capturing hosts of men
& material. This has occur
ed thro [through] treachery in the Russ
ian ranks whole regiments
retreating without fighting &
some shooting their officers.
Here & there the Russians have
made a strenuous resistance
but have had to give way be
fore the terrible German
artillery. Fearful artillery
battles taking place along the
Franco-Belgian front the
Germans massing an immense
number of heavy guns, some
throwing shells for 20 miles.

26 July 1917

July 1917
Thursday 26
Fair day. At office
Mrs Cambourne in from
Upper Plain to see about
purchasing a small property.
Will get Mr Cambourne down
to see me on Saturday. Took
Mr Bird to see J Hennesseys
property in Sussex Str [Street], also
Gillanders place & others.
Arranged to take Mrs Bird
to see Hennesseys tomorrow.
Down to YMCA room at
night & played chess in
Dagg & Kummer Trophy com
petition. Finished my game
with Thirtle & lost it through
a foolish error in making a
start. I had demonstrated a
sure win for myself by play
it out with others & when I
opened the play on the second
move I played up a pawn which
I had not intended to work
up but moved unthinkingly &
so lost the game, the pawn stand
ing by the one I should have
been pushed on. Lost to A Connell
in Dagg shield he giving me a knight.