30 June 1917

June 1917
Saturday 30
Fine day. At office.
Harley Donald sent a
carrier up to get the bar-
-rel of Elder wine I made
for him, 18 gallons.
Frazer who had arranged
to come over on Monday to
fix up a sale with me for
Mrs Rawsons property, wired
me from Palmerston that
he had bought a farm
over there.

29 June 1917

June 1917
Friday 29
Fine day. Went up town
from Diederich’s about 10 AM to
see if I could catch a motor car
leaving for Masterton. About 10
past 11 I saw Mr T Dixon & his
brother Will carring thro [through], they hav
ing been to Stratford in Taranaki
to a Jersey cattle sale where Tom
bought a cow at £ 55 guineas.
Having seating for 5 I got a lift
with them. Came from Palmer
ston via the Pahiatua track
instead of via the Gorge. Arrived
at Eketahuna about 2 oclock
& had tea & scones then
left for home arriving in
Masterton about 4.20 after
a very pleasant run without
a puncture or stop for repairs.
Went to office & attended some
correspondence before
going home. Home about 6
oclock & found Jack in
bed with a severe cold on
his chest. Others all well.

28 June 1917

June 1917
Thursday 28
Left the stables with
Frazer at 8.30 to go out to
look over Mrs Rawsons 265
acre farm at Fitzherbert
where we arrived about 10.
Put horse up at a neighbours then
walked over the farm which Fraz
-er was rather pleased with
& decided to deal for it if possi
ble to arrange terms with owner.
Returned to town just too late
for me to catch a train for Wood
ville – Masterton line. Looked
for a car going thro [through] but had no
luck so returned to Bern’s
to stay for the night.
Took my niece Winnie to
see the pictures at the Cosy
picture palace which she
enjoyed very much, the
pic shown being Gloria’s
romance “Extravagance”.
Home about 10.15.
Bern after his tea went back to
his factory & worked all night
to get some furniture finished
to go away

27 June 1917

June 1917
Wednesday 27
Fine day. Breakfast at 7.30.
Got horse & gig at 8.15 & left for the
Heights & Zillwoods farm 7 ½ miles
away where we arrived about 9.40.
Looked over the property & returned
to the whare about 12 oclock. Harness
ed up & set out on the return for Shan-
-non where we arrived just too late to
catch train for Palmerston North. Saw
Palmerston car at the Hotel & asked
owner if he would mind taking us along
& he had room for two & he was pleased
to do so to within 2 miles of town where
we alighted & walked in arriving
about 5 o’clock. I went to B Dieder
ich’s then up to town & see Bern
Diederich & arrange at one of the
stables for a horse & gig to go out
& see Rawsons property tomorrow
at Fitzherbert. Frazer stayed at
the Royal hotel & I with Dieder
ich, my wife’s brother.
Frazer not satisfied with the
Shannon property there being
too much breaking in to do the
property being neglected

26 June 1917

June 1917
Tuesday 26
Rain in early morning.
At office. Saw R Pragnell re
fixing up sale of Hardens proper
ty to R Drummond. Caught the
11.40 AM train North & picked
up Frazer at Mangamahoe
to go & see property at Mana
watu. Arrived at Palmerston
from where we caught a train to
Shannon arriving there about
4 pm. Booked beds at the
hotel near the station then
went for a walk round the
township meeting Mr Gibson
an old friend of Frazers who
invited us to spend the evening
with them. Had tea at 5.30
a talk with others in the Commer
cial room for about an hour
then went to Mr Gibsons
where we stayed till 10.45.
Got locked out of hotel & had
to wake the landlady up who
was rather sour over it & told
us she did not keep a night porter
& said we could go round the back
stairway & get in which we did.
Ordered horse & gig for morning 8 AM

25 June 1917

June 1917
Monday 25
Fine day.
At office. At office. Saw
R Drummond re fixing
up for the purchase of Hardens
Lynwood house at Lans
downe. Advised him to see
R Pragnell, Hardens attorney

23 June 1917

June 1917
Saturday 23
At office.

Mr Frazer rang up from
Mangamahoe & asked me
to go through to the Manawa
tu & look at Zillwoods
property out from Shannon.
Arranged to go over on Tues
day next leaving Masterton by
the 11.40 express for Palmer

22 June 1917

June 1917
Friday 22
Rain but not cold.
At office. Lunched in town.
Not much doing.
Mr Fraser from Hawkes
Bay called re purchase of
a sheep farm & I gave him
pars [particulars] of Zillwoods 555
acres at Shannon which
he intends to inspect.
Miss Richmond with
her cousins Drummonds
spent the evening at our
place the former being on
a visit from Taranaki.
War news state great artillery
ing between the Anglo-French
& German forces. Last
week German submarines
sank 27 British vessels over
1600 tons & 5 under that
tonnage. Italians captured
strong defensive positions
from Austrians.

21 June 1917

June 1917
Thursday 21
Fine day. At office
till 1.30 pm.
After dinner I put in about
1 ½ hours digging then got
earth & manure etc &
added to the manure heap
ready for vegetables.
Down to Chess at night &
played J Connell for the Dagg
shield & beat him he
playing knight & move down.
Next played my nephew
Kemble Welch he giving me
pawn & move & winning.
My game was extremely badly
played my first game I
think taking too much out
of me. Connell being a
Dominion player of note.