31 May 1917

tn_may-31May 1917
Thursday 31
Cold wet day. S East.
At office. Not much doing.
Saw Joshua McKenzie &
arranged to show him Miss
Ceasar’s [Caesar’s] house in Makora
road. Heavy rain set in so he
decided to inspect tomorrow.
At night I went to Chess
at YMCA room & played
Clemas for Dagg trophy &
won the game, making my
wins 7 & losses 2.


30 May 1917


May 1917
Wednesday 30
Fine day. After break
fast Jack & I went down to
Cooper & Jensens sale paddock
& got a cow offered to me for
£8 which Cooper said I could
have for a week on trial.
Proved very quiet & allowed
me to milk her out in the open
paddock when we got her home.
At office. Quiet day.
Leo came up from the
University at Dunedin
for the term holidays.
Reported that he had
passed his examination
in all subjects, Physiology
Chemistry & Physics.


29 May 1917


May 1917
Tuesday 29
Cold, showery weather
from S East. At office. Lunched
at Cosy Tea room. F A
Jensen in re purchase of
R U Harden’s property at Lans
downe & he Mrs Jensen & I
went & inspected same.
Advised me that he would
let me know tomorrow
if he would buy.
Received letter from
Home news state America
sending 100000 troops to
France to assist against
the Germans29-total

28 May 1917


May 1917
Monday 28
Showery day , S East
weather. At office. Mr F A
Jensen in re purchase of
Harden’s property at Lans
At night I soldered a leak
in the kettle & repaired a
leaky tap in the bathroom.
War news state that the
Italians have made great head-
way against the Austrians
& are making towards Trieste.
Since the 14th May they have
taken prisoner over 22000
including about 400 officers.
German aircraft made a
raid over the English coast
dropping bombs & in one town
they killed 80 people more
than ½ being women & children,
& did great damage to the build
ings. Japanese warships patroll
ing the Medditeranean [Mediterranean] Sea &
the Pacific route.28-total

27 May 1917


May 1917
Sunday 27
Fine day. Rain set in
about 9 pm. Dug over
late potatoes & got some
very fine Princess Victorias
a potato which does ex
ceedingly well in our ground
& withstands the blight better
than several other varieties
which I have grown.
Our Leo rang up at night
from Capt [Captain] Ross’ in Wellington
where he is staying for the
week end being on his way
home from Dunedin for the
University term vacation.

Bertha in bed all day with
apparently a severe attack
of Influenza, swollen glands
sore throat pains thro [through] the
head & limbs etc. Somewhat
better after 9 pm.27-total

26 May 1917


May 1917
Saturday 26
Fine day. At office.
Not much doing. Mrs H D
Buchanan called re inspect
ing R W Hardens Lynwood
House at Lansdowne
on Wednesday next.
Down to Mr H G Jones’
at night & played cribbage
& chess. Played handi
cap chess, he giving me Knight
& move & winning
several games.26-total

25 May 1917


May 1917
Friday 25
Fair day but rain
indications. At office.
Very little doing.
War news state a number
of Zeppelins made a raid
over parts of England & dropp
ed bombs, one civilian being
killed. Transport Trans
alvania [Transylvania] 14,500 tons torpe
doed in the Medditeranean [Mediterranean] 413
lives being lost.
Stated that Austria about to
sue for a separate peace.
18 vessels over 1600 tons
sunk last week & 8 under
that tonnage also 3 fishing