30 April 1917

tn_apr-30April 1917
Monday 30
Rain, rather cold
from South east. Lunched
at Cosy Tea rooms.
Renner in & made Gawith
& Logan an offer for Monro’s
property. Westlake down
from Pahiatua & met
Messrs Thompson & Payne
of picture fame to try & arr
ange a sale of his property
at Dannevirke to them for
a picture palace. Met at
Jones the architect’s office
& discussed the matter
with them. Dr Cox, Kemble
& Ruby up to our place at
night & we played chess
& had some music.
Our Jack in bed with a bad
cold. Mr & Mrs Bertelsen &
Miss Perkins went over to
Rangitumau to stay with Mr
J Donovan for the night.



29 April 1917


April 1917
Sunday 29
Fine day. At home.
Bertha took her sister
Mrs Bertelsen out for a
drive after dinner whilst
Jack & I went for a walk
up the Lansdowne hill.
Planted out some Ranun
culas bulbs & also an
Azalia shrub which Mr
H Lee gave me.29-total

28 April 1917


April 1917
Saturday 28
Fine day. At office
Renner called in & I
showed him several proper
ties for sale & he decided
to make an offer for one of
Monro’s in Hope Street.
Mr H C Bertelsen Mrs B & Miss
Perkins came from Cambridge
to stay with us for a time,
their son Bern
being in camp & will soon be
leaving for the front.
Down town at night with
Jack (Mr Bertelsen).28-total

27 April 1917


April 1917
Friday 27
Fine day. At office.
Not much doing.
Mr Renner in for a
house property & arr
anged to look around
for one with me tomor
row. Wrote letter to
Leo & sent him cheque
for £ 3 to pay some of
his College fees.

War news state that
40 vessels over 1600 tons
were sunk last week &
19 lighter vessels by
German submarines.
Fierce fighting taking place
with advantage to the
Franco-British forces
on the Western front27-total

26 April 1917


April 1917
Thursday 26
Fine day. At office.
Busy part of the day round
ing up Lansdowne rate pay
ers to vote on our loan propos
al for another reservoir
holding 80,000 gallons and
installing filter beds. When
6 o’clock came the polling
showed 68 votes for our pro
posal & 8 against.
Down to Blair’s the bak
ers High Str [Street] & got insur
ance proposal on their fur
niture. Down to YMCA
at night & played chess.
Played Warner for the Dagg
trophy & won my game.
Moore & Connel [Connell] played
a win each for the trophy.

War news state that the
greatest of fighting is pro
ceding between the Germans
& the Franco-British troops
the latter gaining gradually26-total

25 April 1917



April 1917
Wednesday 25
Anzac Day.
Rain best part of
the day. At office.
This being the Anniversary
of the landing of the troops on
the Gallipoli peninsula
the day was proclaimed
a half holiday as from
1pm. Commemoration service
was held in the town hall.

War news state that the
British have captured Sama
ra from the Turks securing
16 locomotives 224 trucks
& 2 barges loaded with
munitions on the Tigris.
British & French still
taking positions from the
Germans on the Western
front & are closing in on
the town of Lens.25-total

23 April 1917


April 1917
Monday 23
Fair day. At office.
Mr & Mrs MacDonald
in for a house & I show
ed them a number I have
for sale. After dinner they
looked thro [through] J Hughes’ place
at Lansdowne which they
liked & I rang Hughes up
at Eketahuna & arranged
with him to come down
tomorrow morning & meet
McDonald. Not much
doing generally.

War news state that the
British & French have
captured since April 4th
33,000 prisoners & 330
guns from the Germans
on the Western front.23-total