31 March 1917

mar-31March 1917
Saturday 31
Fair day. Cloudy with
rain indications. Down to
office. Saw Mrs J H Buchanan
who arranged to look at
T Jordans House & ground
during the afternoon. Met them
there but Tom was not anxious
to sell so Buchanan did not
trouble to look over the property,
sent him pars [particulars] of Lynwood
House. Down to Park Oval &
played cricket with a Mas
terton team against a Camp
team. We won by 3 wkts [wickets].
Camp 98, Mastn [Masterton] 120 for 7
wkts. I made 19.
War news state 26 vessels
were torpedoed during the
week, also 10 fishing boats,
5 Italian vessels also sunk.


30 March 1917


March 1917
Friday 30
Fine day. At office.
Not much doing.
Picked peaches after
I got home & after tea
I put them up in bottles
for winter use.
War news state that the
British troops in Palestine
defeated 20,000 Turks
at Gaza, taking prison
ers, a whole divisional staff,
including German & Austrian
officers. 900 prisoners
taken. On the Western front
the British & French still
forcing their way ahead.
Germans burning villages
as they retreat30-total

29 March 1917


March 1917
Thursday 29
Fine day. At office.
Not much doing.
Sent pars [particulars] of town properties
out to J W Buchanan of Te Kopi,
Down to chess meeting
at YMCA room at night
& I played Warner a
couple of games which I
won. Mr W Moore up
from Carterton & played
J A Connell who won 3
games out of 4.29-total

28 March 1917


March 1917
Wednesday 28
Fine day. Down to
office. Down to Kuripuni &
saw P Lett re selling his
house in Bentley Str [Street]. Agreed
to sell at £ 800. Arranged
to show Keen over it during
the afternoon. Went round with
the latter for about an hour &
had a look at several places
finishing up at Lett’s. Keen
arranged to take Mrs Keen
to see the latter.
At night I cut wood & sol-
dered our enamel bath
making a fair job of the
latter by inserting some gal
vanised  iron into the hole in
the bath & then soldering it on
both sides.
War news state German sub
marines sunk the hospital
ship Asturias, about 45
people being drowned.28-total

27 March 1917


March 1917
Tuesday 27
Rain in early morning.
Down to office. Our pony was
found in Pinheys stables to
where he had followed their
horses & Pinheys put
him into a loosebox where
he had been since yesterday
morning. Took him home at
dinner time. Took Mr
Keen to look at Mrs Greens
house in Villa Street & which
was offered including the furni
ture for £550. He wanted to
buy but Mrs Green would not
look inside the gate. Showed
him Mrs Fields at £850.
Looked around for other places
to show him tomorrow.
Bottles quinces at night.26-total

26 March 1917


March 1917
Monday 26
Fair day.  Our little
bay pony having got out of
his paddock & strayed away
I spent the morning till
dinner time looking for him
without result. Gretta drove
to station & took the peaches
which I consigned to Wellington
& Palmerston for Doll & Bec.
Took Mr & Mrs Hosken to see
house in Church Street &
found that it had been sold
last Saturday. Kemble, Ruby
& Miss Cox of Auckland up for
the evening. Played Kem
two games of Chess winning
& losing one.

War news state that our big
N Zealand Coy [New Zealand Company] liner, the
Rotorua was sunk by a
submarine in the English
Channel. Passengers had been
put ashore at Plymouth lucki-
ly & only the cook was drowned.26-total

25 March 1917


March 1917
Sunday 25
Fine day.
At home. Put up 2
cases of peaches, one to
send to my sister Doll
in Wellington & one to Mrs
B Diederich of Palmerston
Heavy rain set in at
night, which was very
welcome as the country
was getting very dried up.25-total