28 February 1917

tn_feb-28February 1917
Wednesday 28
Fine day. Before break
fast we got our show ex
hibits ready, potatoes &
onions & after breakfast
Jack, Gretta & I took them
down to the Hall & staged
them. Jack & Gretta took
first prize each for 6 pot
-atoes Up-to-dates & Princess
Victorias & I took a 1st
for 12 Up-to-dates & second
for 12, 3 varieties 4 of each.
Gretta got a first for Chut
ney. Mr A Finch of Pahiatua
down with his mother in law,
Mrs A Mills, to purchase a
house for her & we made a
deal for J Berry’s in Wrigley
Str [Street] for £ 440. 6 rmd [roomed]house
& ¼ ac [acre] land. Leo Jack & I
down to show at night to
bring home our exhibits.

27 February 1917


February 1917
Tuesday 27
Fair day. Inclined to
rain. At office. Mot much
doing. Round to Court House
for a while to hear Robinson
address the Magistrate, W A
Kerr, on the evidence in the
Cradduck ver [versus] Forman
affiliation case. At night
I sorted potatoes & onions
to exhibit at the show
tomorrow. Jack & Norma
also chose some to exhib
it as I had made entries for
War news state that British
troops have captured Kut el
Marah [Kut al Amarah] from the Turks, cap
turing over 1700 prisoners. This
is the town on the Tigris where
General Townsend with his
troops had to surrender to
the Turks about 12 months
ago. German submarine tor
pedoed SS Laconia 18000 tons
whilst on the way to England from
New York. No warning given to
the officer in command.27-total

26 February 1917


February 1917
Monday 26
Fine day. At office.
Not much doing.
Leo & mother down town
doing shopping for the former
prior to him leaving for
Wellington on Thursday, en
route to Dunedin where
he will attend the Univer
sity as a medical student.
Nephew Kemble came
up at night & we play
ed 2 games of chess
winning one each.
British Victory War Loan
exceeded 1,000,000,000
the greater part of which is
new money raised by sale
of debentures & securities etc.
Great triumph of finance
the money raised exceeding
all expectations by nearly
one half.26-total

24 February 1917


February 1917
Saturday 24
Fine day. At office.
Bern Bertelsen up from
Featherston Camp to spend
the week end with us.
At night I went to the
Town Hall to see Nor
wood the Hypnotist.
The audience was kept
in roars of laughter
at the antics of the
subjects who were un
der the hypnotists in
fluence. He had 13 young
fellows including 3
Maoris on the stage & had
them catching imaginery [imaginary]
butterflies, barracking at
a football match, auction
ing, selling various articles
amongst the audience,
dancing etc.24-total

23 February 1917


February 1917
Friday 23
Very warm day. At
office. Lunched at the
Cosy Tea rooms. Wrote
letter to sister Ada at
Seatoun re selling Taita
property to Jameson.
Not much doing
at office. Bertha with our
baby & Leo went out to
Tinui with Mr & Mrs Raleigh
& their son in their car.
They intended going to Mr
McKays at Flat Spur,
near Blairlogie Junction
but were put on the wrong
track when they enquired
the way & instead of going 3
miles to McKays they got
to Tinui 13 miles further
on & they arrived home about
8.30. Mr Raleigh, wife & son
stayed for tea.23-total

22 February 1917


February 1917
Thursday 22
Fine day.
At office all day.
Not much doing.
Mr Jameson of Wellington
in re Taita property
of ours & advised me that
he would go out & look
over it on his return to the

21 February 1917


February 1917
Wednesday 21
Busy during the morning
making elder wine. After dinn
er I drove to the Solway show
in heavy rain. About 5
oclock, after the Jumping
contests I got my nephew
Kemble to help me get the
vegetable exhibits from the
Hall to the Phaeton & har
ness up.
Bertha & the boys went to
the pictures at night.21-total

20 February 1917


February 1917
Tuesday 20
Up early & with aid of
the boys got vegetables ready
for the Solway Show. Took
down potato exhibits 30 lbs
of Up-to-dates & 30 lbs of Prin
cess Victoria & took first
prize with both. Did no
good with other exhibits – bar
taking a 3rd with parsnips.
Gretta took 2nd prize with
scones & Norma second in
writing competition. Stayed
till about 4.45 after seeing
the old jumper Scout win the
Hunters competition. At
office & wrote letter to Smith
at New Plymouth re our Taita
property, then picked about 30
lbs of elderberries for wine
making. Home about 7 in
time to see mother, Gretta &
the 2 big boys going to the pic
Splendid fat bullock entries
at the show.
Home news state 4 more
British vessels sunk by German

19 February 1917


February 1917
Monday 19
Fine day. At office.
Mr W Knapp up from Morri
sons Bush & signed agree
ment for sale & paid £ 25/-
deposit on purchase of
J Francis 548 ac [acre] property at
Poroporo. Took agreement
to Gawith & Logan & instruct
them to attend to the Transfer.
Home early & dug potatoes
& sorted them for Solway
Show. Picked out 30 lbs of
Up-to-dates & 30 of Dakota
Reds, also got carrots &
parsnips ready. Leo gave
me a hand helping to sort
& wash the vegetables & he &
Bern weighed the potatoes
as they were sorted.
War news state British
have made further advance
against the Germans
& are now getting close to
Bapaume. Germans have
sunk several more vessels.
British defeated Turks on the
Tigris & captured lot of prisoners19-total