31 December 1916

tn_31-decDecember 1916
Sunday 31
Fine day. F Ractliffe of Te
Ore Ore not being able to get
harvesters Leo, Bern & I
went out to stook oats for
him, following the binder.
Got there soon after 10 oclock
& found a big slice of the pad
dock down. Set to work
& kept going till 1 pm when
we went down to the house for
dinner. Ractliffe kept going,
having Dick Murray to
keep him going with a change
of horses every 2 hours. He
was afraid we would catch
him up, but the crop being
a heavy one, full 3 tons per
acre & having a big lead on us
we were not able to pull up
to him. Stooked about 10 acres
by 4.50 when the boys left for
home & I followed soon
after having Henrys cows to
milk. Home about 6 pm.
Heard the bells & whistles going
at midnight chiming in the New Year31-total


30 December 1916


December 1916
Saturday 30
Fine day. At office.
Sydney left at 12 oclock
going to Wellington for a
weeks holiday.
Not much doing.
Mr F E Ractliffe of Te Ore Ore
in for help to get his har
vest done & I arranged to
go out with our boys Leo &
Bern tomorrow & stook
oats for him, following
the reaper & binder.
Bottled about 30 lbs of
& red gooseberry jam.
A very good combination.30-total

29 December 1916


December 1916
Friday 29
Fine day. Down to
office. Own very quiet,
a lot of the business people
being away on holiday.
Not much doing.

War news very scanty.
Reports state that the British
troops, including the New
Zealand & Australian mount
eds, have advanced into
the Turkish regions east of

the Suez Canal & captured
the strongly held fortified
town of El Arish securing
about 1300 prisoners & a
large amount of booty.
Only a few British killed
& about 140 wounded.

Germany throwing out peace
feelers to the Allied
nations who are at present
not prepared to listen un
less the Earths despoilers
first quit of her own accord all
country of the allies now occupied by her29-total

28 December 1916


December 1916
Thursday 28
Fine day. Down to
office. Not much doing.
Received payment from V L
Fairbrother, auctioneer, amounting
to £ 68.16.6 for section sold
to Mrs E Dorset on account
of W Lenz, my brother Will &
myself. Our boy Bern went
to Greytown on the invitation
of Mr T W Drummond, survey
-or to try the surveying work
with a view to taking it up
as a profession.
Miss Wheeler, manageress of
Wellington College & Miss Camp
bell spent the afternoon at our
place. In the evening Miss J

Jones, Miss N Drummond, & Mr
R Drummond came along, &
Mr G A Jones for a few minutes
when he called to take his daughter
home. Drank respect to the
coming year in Elder wine
bringing back to memory of Bob
& myself days long gone by when we
drank at the old home Laurel Hall
Taita, Elder wine of mothers making.28-total

27 December 1916


December 1916
Wednesday 27
Heavy rain driving the
early hours of the morning & a
shower or two during the day.
Rather cold wind from South East.
Before breakfast I milked Henrys
cows & Norma fed his fowls.
At office. Sydney away for
a holiday. Received a letter
from Mr T M Drummond
surveyor of Greytown asking
me if my son Bern would go
down to work for him in his
surveying & if so to go down
in the morning which was duly
agreed upon as Bern wishes to
get to work at once.
Leo & he went down to Mr G A
Jone’s where they spent the
evening. Norma & I churned
at night & I made the butter,
over 2 ½ lbs being the first
butter we have made from our
own cream for about 17 years27-total

26 December 1916


December 1916
Tuesday 26
Fine day.
Mother & children less Leo &
Jack drove to Te Whiti bridge
for a days outing, Mr G A Jones &
family, with visitors, also going.
I went to the Park Oval with
Leo & Jack, the former having
entered for several sports
events. He was well handicap
pped & only was able to pull
off the 220 yds [yards] hurdles off
scratch. In the long jump he
jumped 20 ft [feet] 3 in [inches] but was han
dicapped 12 inches, the next
best jump being 19 ft 5 in thus
winning by 2 inches from Leo.
This is the best long jump done
on the oval for many years past.
There was a very good attendance
of the public & meeting a very good
one. Our Jack won his boys race
with plenty in hand.
Home about 6.15 & went up &
milked Henry’s cows. Picnic
party home about 7 o’clock.
Norma & I picked red currants
until it was too dark to see to pick.26-total

25 December 1916


December 1916
Monday 25
Fair day. Rain indications
with wind from South East.
Got some hay in from Mrs
Morrison’s paddock, being grass
that was cut about her house
& not wanted so I got it for
the ponies. Hoed some potatoes
then mixed lime & sulphate
of copper & made about 10
gallons of Bordeaux mixture
with which I sprayed late
potatoes, tomatoes & apple
trees, doing the latter to kill the
American Woolly Aphids.
Bern went up with me in the
evening to Henry’s to try his hand
at milking & found it rather hard
as he had not done any for some
Very quiet Xmas day, just
ourselves being on the premises.25-total