30 November 1916

tn_30 Nov

November 1916
Thursday 30
Fine day. Before breakfast
I hoed ground ready for pota
toes. Down to office. Not
much doing. Saw Ogilvie who
advised me that they would sell
their Te Whiti property of 360
acres at £80 per acre.
Sent pars [particulars] of same up to
London & Co of Wanganui for
their client Hair. Down to
see Bertha during afternoon.
Put in a couple of hours
at night hoeing ground ready
for potato planting.
Nov 30 TOTAL

29 November 1916

tn_29 Nov

November 1916
Wednesday 29
Windy rather in the
early morn then cleared for
fine day. Eileen & Gretta up early
& got sweet peas selected
for their exhibits at the Horticul
tural show. Made 5 entries.
Gretta went to the Hall & made
the selection for the entries & she
was awarded one first & a 3rd.
Heavy rain for a while at night.
Eileen & I down to see Bertha
at night then went to the show.
War news state another German
air raid over counties in England
by Zeppelin, two of which were
brought down.Nov 29 TOTAL

27 November 1916

tn_27 Nov

November 1916
Monday 27
Fair day. Light rain
in evening. Heavy rain on the
Ranges. Saw Mr G Pain of
Martinborough re sale of Admiral
station to Hair & the latters
option over it. He advised me
that they would see Te Parae
run of 1300 acres at Kahautura [Kahutara]
at £ 40 per acre. Sent advice
up to Wanganui agents, Messrs
London & Forlong, re same.
Down to Nurse Spellmans
at 4.30 with Gretta to see
Bertha & baby. At night I
sawed & burst up tough gum
stump for fire wood.
War news state that the
Venizelist provisional
government in Greece has
declared war on Bulgaria
& Germany.Nov 27 TOTAL

26 November 1916

tn_26 Nov

November 1916
Sunday 26
Fine day. Mended &
spliced our high pressure
hose. Thinned out onion
bed & planted a bed of the
same on creek edge at
back of house.
Down at night to see
Bertie & the boy.

Cut out 1500 apples from
the tree behind the house
as the fruit was too thick.
Took off over 200 peaches
from each of two trees
so as to allow of better
growth of the balance.Nov 26 TOTAL

25 November 1916

tn_25 NovNovember 1916
Saturday 25
Rained for a while be
fore dinner then cleared for a fine
day.  At office by 7.30 A M, having
arranged to go with Hair + Snowden
per Jenkins’ car to see Vallance’s
97 acres at Longbush.  Arrived
at the farm about 8.45 but did
not go over it as Hair said it
would not suit from a resi
dential point of view.  Back to
town before 10 o’clock as
Hair wished to return to Wanga
nui per the 11.30 express.  Rang up
Sutherland at Kahautara + got a
further option over the Admiral
for 7 days.  Played in cricket
match at the Park Oval against a
team from the Artillery at Feather
ston Camp.  I captained the local
team + Sergeant Neilson the
camp boys.  We batted first +
only put up 79 + the Camp 122.
I was run out just when
getting nicely set + having 7 to my credit.
Down to see Bertha at night.

Nov 25 TOTAL

24 November 1916

tn_24 Nov

November 1916
Friday 24
Fine day. Mr London
in & discussed business
& got pars [particulars] of J B Hull’s
735 acre property at Takapau
with view of exchanging same
for a bush farm in Taranaki.
Lunched at WFCA tea rooms.
Down to see Bertha at the
Nursing Home.Nov 24 TOTAL