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30 April 1916



April 1916
Sunday 30
Light rain best part of day &
at night. W J Husband, agent
of Pahiatua spoke to me thro [through] the
telephone & advised that he
was bringing a client thro [through] to
Eketahuna tomorrow to see
Newcombe’s 742 acres & asked
me to meet them at Eketahuna.
Cycled up to Newcombe’s in
Pownall Street & advised
him & he arranged to go up
with me by the 11.40 AM
train tomorrow. Spent a
couple of hours at Kemble’s in
the afternoon playing him chess
losing 3 games & winning one.

Monday 1st May
News received from War office
that General Townsend with his
forces, stated by Turks to be 13000,
has surrended at Kut-El-Mara [Kut-Al-Amara] in
Messopotamia [Mesopotamia] unconditionally to the
Turks after a siege of 143 days. Provisions ran
out. Destroyed guns & ammunition first.

Apr 30 TOTAL


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