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26 April 1916



Wednesday 26
Damp day, light rain.
Up early & got copper fire going, then
kitchen fire. Helped Bertie with
the washing, she not being too well.
Down to office. Will down from
Miki Miki & saw Dalgetys manager
re stocking the property he is buying
at Balance & he went to Pahiatua
by the 5.26 train to see Hare re sell
ing 99 ½ acres to J Egan at £ 70
per acre, he having made an offer of
that with £ 700 cash down.
Eileen & I dined at WFCA tea rooms.
Down to Kemble’s for a short time at
night. Mr & Mrs Buckman called
at office re selling to Mr P O’Donnell.
War news state that German cruisers
& destroyers bombarded Lowestoft
on the English coast & British Cruis
ers & destroyers attacked & drove
them off following them in a running
fight. Several Zeppelins made
another air raid over parts of
England dropping bombs anywhere.
The traitor Sir Roger Casement
caught whilst attempting to put arms on the
Irish coast for revolutionary purposes.

Apr 26 TOTAL


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