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24 April 1916



Monday 24 – Bank Holiday
Berthas birthday.
Rain in early
morning. Cold wind from
the South East. Bern & I cut
gum wood whilst Leo
took weeds out of the lawn
till dinner time weather clear
ing I decided to take the boys
out to Rangitumau for rabbit
shooting. Borrowed D Logans
gun & some cartridges & also
took our 4.10 gun which we use
for shooting birds in the garden.
Arrived at cousin Kate Wrigley’s
about 2 pm & borrowed Fred’s gun a Dbl [Double]
breech loader & cartridges. Made for the
hills along Northcroft road where
rabbits are very numerous. Our little
Jack shot first game getting a bunny I
spotted in a “squat”. Only had 27 cart
ridges which were all fired but one which
I kept in case of seeing a hare near the
house. Got 16 rabbits & had we had enough
ammunition we could have got nearly 100.
Had tea & cake at Kate’s then made for
home where we arrived about 7 pm
after a good afternoons sport, got all the
game home.

Apr 24 TOTAL


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