30 November 1915


November 1915
Tuesday 30
rain in early morning. Cut some
hay at Creswell’s before break
fast. Down to office.
Not much doing.
After office I cut some more
hay at Creswell’s. Made
slow progress owing to not
being able to keep the scythe
sharp, ground being rough.
Bottled gooseberries after

30 November


29 November 1915



November 1915
Monday 29
Rain during afternoon.
Up early & went up to our neigh
bours, Cresswell, & cut a good
lot of hay near his house. He not
requiring it said I could have it
if I cut it, about an acre of good
hay. Down to office.
After tea – with Berns help, I
put up a barway between our
our (sic) paddocks.
War news state position in re
gard to Greece is very grave. The
Allies demand adequate railway
facilities, withdrawal of Greek troops
from Salonika & Greek territorial
waters to be policed against Austro
German submarines. Roumania [Romania]
refuses to allow Austro-German
warships to pass along the river
Danube. Stated that German
& Austrian troops to the number
of 105000 are traversing Bulgaria
towards Constantinople.
British troops scored a big victory
over Turkish forces near Bagdad [Baghdad],
the Turks retiring 10 miles to Dealah [Diyala]
2500 british casualties.29 November

27 November 1915


November 1915
Saturday 27
Fine day.
Busy with labour matters
all day. At night I  bottled
gooseberries, about 30 lbs.
War news state that a
German warship of 2600 tons
with a complement of 275
men 10 4 inch guns & a
number of larger ones has been
sunk by a submarine in the
Baltic. Further British rein
forcements arrived at Salonika.
Russia mobolising [mobilising] 250,000
men to assist Servia against
the Bulgas & Austro-German
forces. Italy said to have
captured Gorizia or Gou
the stronghold of the Austrians
& a key to the advance on
Trieste. 40,000 Italians also
said to be going to assist
Servia27 November

26 November 1915


November 1915
Friday 26
Fine day. At office.
Busy with labour matters.
Lunched in town
Attended the burial of Mrs
W Denby’s baby who died sudden
ly. Mr Denby being away at the
Worlds War makes it doubly hard
for her. Mr W Sellar on [one] of Mas
tertons old residents & business
men was buried and a large
following including myself saw
the last rites performed over
his remains at the Cemetery.26 November

25 November 1915


November 1915
Thursday 25
Fine day. But windy.
Down to office. Lunched in
town. Sydney away from office
having to attend daylight parade.
Busy with office matters gener
ally. After tea Bern, Jack & I star
ted to repair the fence between
Rive [river] & us. Two men Dunn &
mate who came up to see me re se-
curing a contract assisted us
till it was too dark to see. Rang
up Richardson of Waitawhiti a
scrubcutting contract for the men
& arranged for them to go & inspect.
War news very scanty. Report
ed that Italians have landed
troops in Albania & that they
have captured several forts
around Gorizia25 November

24 November 1915


November 1915
Wednesday 24
Fine day. Rain indications
at night. Before breakfast I
repaired the fence along the road
side. Down to office. Busy with
labour matters all day. Saw
WC Welch re inspecting O’Donnells
464 acres at Eketahuna.
Planted a few potatoes at even
ing Bern assisting.
War news state that first
German troops have arrived at
Constantinople & German 16 ½ inch
guns have been sent for Turks at
Gallipoli. Fierce battle raging
at Gorizia between Italians &
Austrians for last 8 days the for
mer winning important vantage
ground. 9 Turko-German sub
marines reported missing in
the Medditeranean [Mediterranean] Sea.
Large convoys going down the Danube
towards Turkey with great stores
of munitions & submarine parts.24 November