31 July 1915

IFJuly 1915
Saturday 31
Fine day. Did a little garden
digging before breakfast. Down to
office. Busy till dinner time.
Bertie drove to town & took me up to Rly [Railway]
station to catch the 3.5 pm train
for Wellington where I had arrang
ed to go & meet W Sinclair of
Christchurch & give him informa
tion of milling bush in the Auck
land Province with a view to
him purchasing or arranging a
sale of same. Arrived in Welling
ton soon after 7 pm & not feel
ing too well I took first avail
able tramcar out to Seatoun
to sister Ada’s & stayed the
night with them. George arrived
home about 11.30 pm.

Aunt Annie Welch who has lived
for a number of years in street near
by us, died this morning about 10
oclock, aged 67.31 Jul TOTAL


30 July 1915


July 1915
Friday 30
Very heavy frost. Fine
day. Did some digging before break
fast. Down to office. Not very
much doing. Received letter
from Loan & Mercantile stating
Weggerys had refused Will’s offer
of £ 12 per acre for their farm.
Wrote advising them to offer £ 13/-.
War news state that German[s]
are within 10 miles of Warsaw
& Russians are fighting desperate
ly to keep them back, the tide
of victory swaying from one to the
other alternately.30 Jul TOTAL

29 July 1915


July 1915
Thursday 29
Fine day. For the first
time to my knowledge, the Tararua
mountains during Winter are
free of snow proving the mildness
of the Winter. Busy with office
work all day & wrote up infor
mation of milling bush for W Sin
clair who wired from Dunedin
asking me to meet him in Wellington
on Sunday. W Hope called & gave me
his Lansdowne property for sale
as he is going to Dannevirke to farm.29 Jul TOTAL

28 July 1915


July 1915
Wednesday 28
Fine day.
At office. Busy with corres
pondence. Submitted to W
Lenz a block of 2000 acres of
hilly country in Waverley district.
Down to YMCA rooms &
played chess against J Daggs
young son & lost 3 games to
War news state that Italians are
forcing the Austrians back & cap
turing strong positions.
Austro-German army of about
1,000,000 men & Russians are
fighting desperately, the former
for the purpose of getting to Warsaw
& the latter resisting the advance
whilst gradually being forced back28 Jul TOTAL

26 July 1915


July 1915
Monday 26
Trammed in to the city
& Will & I called on Waterhouse,
the manager of the Loan & Mercan
tile Agency Coy [Company] & asked for informa
tion in respect to Weggerys proper
ty. Arranged to get same for us from
the solicitors by the afternoon so we
arranged to call back about 2.30.
I then called at Sussex Chambers
& interviewed Mr JG Harkness in
respect to buying a portion of his sons
property near Waikanae beach.
Next rang Leo at Wellington College
& got him to come down town & have
dinner with us after which Will &
I called at N Z L Coy [Loan & Mercantile Company] & saw deeds
of Weggerys property. Will went to see
Barber the mortgagee & got some
information from him. Met R Nitz
who enquired about F Judds farm at Mba [Martinborough].
Called at Govt [Government] Buildings & saw Capt [ Captain]
J H Ross who walked to station with
me. Got the 4.15 train for
Masterton arriving there at 8.30.
Made written offer for Weggerys property
of £ 12/- per acre & left same for Loan
& M Coy [Loan & Mercantile Company]26 Jul TOTAL

25 July 1915


July 1915
Sunday 25
Did not feel well & had
no breakfast. About 10 AM, Howell an
agent, came to Hotel with car & took us
to see a property of 686 acres owned
by Harkness about 9 miles from
Otaki. Walked over the property &
got back to house about 1 pm &
had dinner after which we
returned to Otaki in time to
catch train leaving for Wellington
at 5.30. Arrived in the city at
7.30 & rang sister Ada at
Seatoun who insisted on us go
ing out to stay with them for the
night. Took tram at 6 past
8 and duly arrived at Seatoun
where we found Ada had tea
waiting for us.25 Jul TOTAL