30 June 1915

IFJune 1915
Wednesday 30
Fine day. Bert
Bertelsen & I endeavoured to
burst open gum stumps with
Gelignite but 3 plugs in one
did not make an impression
on one. Down to office. Mr Taylor
of Poroporo went with me to
look at some house property
at Lansdowne & was very
pleased with Mr Lawrence’s
in First Street at £ 550.
Saw owner at night re terms &
arranged to see him again to
morrow re same. Down to
YMCA room at night with
Kemble & played chess.
Mr E Nops a new member being
present & played Kemble &
young Cornell. Bert & Mona
went over to Rangitumau with
W Donovan to stay the night30 June TOTAL


29 June 1915


June 1915
Tuesday 29
Dull day. Down to office.
Quiet day. Busy with corres
pondence. Mr Alf Cottle in &
got pars [particulars] of Ken Welch’s 170
acre property near Woodville,
which he said might suit his
brother Charlie who is after
a dairy farm.29 June TOTAL

28 June 1915


June 1915
Monday 28
Fair day. At office.
Lunched in town. My niece Kath
leen returned to Wellington by
the mail train, having arranged
for her brother W K Welch to act as
her executor during her absence
with the nursing staff going to the
Front. Bert Bertelsen & his
sister Mona came to stay a few
days with us, being a holiday
from Roto-O-Rangi , Cambridge.
Bertha & I met them at the
station & saw Kathleen off.
Went down to Knox Hall at
night to an evening quiet
fun & music given by the mem
bers of the Choral Society.
Bert & Mona, bertie, Eileen &
I were there. Home about
12 oclock.28 June TOTAL

26 June 1915


June 1915
Saturday 26
Damp day with rain
indications. Miss K Campbell came to
office & Mr H G Williams came from
Lansdowne with his motor car & took
us up to define the boundary of the sec
tion Miss Campbell is  buying. On our
return I had an agreement written
& signed by them both & got a £ 50
deposit. My neice [niece] Kathleen Welch,
on the Wgtn [Wellington] Hospital nursing staff
came up to spend a few days prior to
leaving with other nurses on the Hospital
Ship for nursing duty at the Front
or one of the Base Hospitals for wound
ed  soldiers.
War news state that German
losses against Russians in recent
fighting is estimated at 500,000.
The Greek Speaker of
the House, M Zavit Sonos, states
that when the time comes 1,000,000
bayonets will speak for the
Allied nations. The German Air
raids on English towns caused the
death of 127 men women & children
& 567 wounded.26 June TOTAL

25 June 1915

IFJune 1915
Friday 25
Damp day. Down to
office. Lunched in town with
Eileen at WFCA tea rooms.
Arranged with H G Williams to show
Miss Campbell & myself over his sec
tion at Lansdowne to fix a boundary
for Miss Campbell’s purchase. The
squad of Trentham contingenters who
came up to give exhibitions at the Box
ing Carnival were given a send off this
afternoon at the Club Café. About
2 dozen locals were present &
the send off being an impromptu affair
arranged suddenly, only about ¾
of an hour was available. A few toasts
were drunk & the “boys” wished good
luck & a safe return, then left for
Trentham by the 3 pm train.
War news state that Austro-Germans
are forcing the Russians back from
Lemberg district but Russians rever
sing matters further north on the Dniester.
French making headway in Alsace
Lorraine & the Allies have captured a
strong Turkish fort on Gallipoli
peninsula.25 June TOTAL

24 June 1915


June 1915
Thursday 24
Wet day. Down to office.
Lunched in town with brother
Will at Groombridges’ Tea rooms.
Wrote up pars [particulars] of properties receiv
ed from Te Kuiti for Bill who went
to Wellington by 3 pm train. Not
much doing at office. Vivian
Ross, son of Capt [Captain] Ross of Wellington
had tea & spent the evening with
us. War news state that the
Austro-Germans have retaken
Lemberg from the Russians who
captured it from the Germans early
in the war. French making good
headway against Germans in
Alsace & Lorraine, a large area
of the country is now under their
administration. Turks fighting
desperately against the allied
troops on the Gallipoli Peninsula
but are gradually being cornered.
Italians fighting hard against the
Austrians to break their line on the
Isonzo river and at Monfalcone.24 June TOTAL