31 May 1915

IFMay 1915
Monday 31
Damp day. Rain
from South during the evening.
Down to office. Forsberg came
down from Mauriceville & H
Bannister went in motor car
with him to see R Tankersley’s
245 ac [acre] farm at Tablelands.
Returned about 4 pm & after
some discussion Forsberg
offered to give £ 8/- per acre
for the goodwill of the lease.
Town very quiet. Down to
YMCA Chess room at night
& played Gibson whom I
beat. Leo returned to College
by the 3 pm train.
War news state that Allies
along the line are making
headway against the Austro-
Turko-German troops.
Americans beginning to
feel warlike owing to Ger
man submarines torpedoing
American vessels.

May 31 TOTAL


30 May 1915


May 1915
Sunday 30
Dull day. Rain at night.



Sat 29
About 100 reinforcements for the
Trentham camp left Masterton
by the 9.50 AM train. The
Ruahine Band played them to
the station & a large number of local
residents saw them off after Mr G H
Sykes had made a short speech
farewelling them on behalf of the
people.May 30 TOTAL

29 May 1915


May 1915
Saturday 29
Rain in morning. Down
to office. Mr & Mrs Kerins in
& paid deposit on purchase
of sections 13 & 15 Alpers’
estate Bently Str [Street] at £ 85 the
two about ¼ acre. Arranged
with Forsberg of Mauriceville
to go with him on Monday to
see R Tankersleys 245 acre
farm at Whakarua. F W Fal
cober in & got pars [particulars] of sheep
farms near Te Kuiti & Suisteds
427 acres at Makuri. Mr &
Mrs Lestrup, professional singers
who are out from Denmark came
up & had tea & spent the even
ing with us. Mr L has a very fine
voice & sang in German. En
joyed their singing very much & then
spent a pleasant time Mrs L
saying it was the best time they had
spent since leaving Denmark.
War news state that Allies making good
progress. Auxiliary steamer, Princess
Irene, 6000 tons, loaded with mines
anchored just off Chatham was blown up
to shreds with from 3/400 men, only 1 being
saved.May 29 TOTAL

28 May 1915


May 1915
Friday 28
Rain at intervals. Down to
office. Not much doing. Lunched
in town.
War news state that the Dread
nought of the British Navy was
torpedoed off Gillipoli [Gallipoli] & sank
in few minutes. Most of those on
board (about 750) were saved.
Terrific fighting along the whole line
& Turks being terribly bombarded
from both sea & land. Great aero
plane raid by French airmen on
German explosive factory & other
important places, there being 18
in the Fleet & a large amount of
damage done. Australia & New
Zealand troops fighting extraordin
ary [extraordinarily] well at the Dardanelles &
given post of honour in attacking
the Turks. Telegram says the British
battleship Triumph 11000 tons
was torpedoed in the Gulf of
Laros. Recruiting actively proceed
ing in N Zealand [New Zealand] for 7th contingent
for the front and another lot of Maoris,
350 will be selected.May 28 TOTAL

27 May 1915


May 1916
Thursday 27
Fine day. Feeling more
fit I rose a little earlier & cut some
small gum trees down for firewood.
Down to office, quiet day.
Went to Citizens Rifle Defence Corps
concert in Town Hall at night
taking Eileen & Bern. Hall was
crowded to standing room.
Mr & Mrs Lestrup, lately from
Denmark, both sang solos &
then a duet & were extremely
well received; Mr Lestrup having
a very fine Baratone voice, &
being a professional singer.
War news state that a British
submarine sank in Sea of
Marmara, 2 Turkish transports
full of troops & 2 other large
vessells [vessels] besides a Collier &
then returned safely. Italians
gained successes against the
Austrians, occupying several
villages.May 27 TOTAL

26 May 1915


May 1915
Wednesday 26
Rain during early morning then
cleared for fine weather again.
Down to office. Mr Forsberg in
re purchase of farm & got pars [particulars]
of R Tankersleys 245 acres at
War news advise that a
desperate struggle is taking
place on the Gallipoli peninsula
the Allied troops repulsing Turk
ish attacks, inflicting tremendous
losses on them.
Italian & Austrian troops open
ed hostilities, the latter bombarding
towns on the coast but were driven
Active recruiting for reinforce
ments to fill gaps in the colonial
forces, going on in all British
possesions. New Zealing [New Zealand] rais
ing a large force & expects to
have 16000 ready by beginning
of 1916.May 26 TOTAL

25 May 1915


May 1915
Tuesday 25
Fine day. Down to
office. Not much doing.
Mr J W Falconer called in &
got information re properties
for sale.
Home news advise that a
Coalition Ministry has been
formed in England. This step
being taken so that all classes
shall have representation in
the cabinet during the period
of the War.
Immense struggle on the Galician
front between German & Russian
troops with varying success.May 25 TOTAL