29 April 1915


April 1915
Thursday 29
Showery. Heavy after
dinner. Up at 8.30 AM the
Bronchial attack which took me
early this morning having eased
considerably. Sydney being away
for the day I had to go to office.
Mr J J Jackson up from Martin
borough & offered me  £ 40 as
full commission on my claim
of £ 62-10 for selling his property
to Vennell. Accepted the offer
as I considered it likely I might
lose the lot if I hung out owing
to other creditors probably pushing
him. Home early & did not re
turn to office fearing my cold be
coming worse.

War news state that our New
Zealand troops have been under
fire in the Dardanelles operations
& acquitted themselves extremely
well.29 TOTAL

28 April 1915


April 1915
Wednesday 28
Fine day. At office.
Not much doing. Mr F A
Jensen in & insured his
new Singer Motor Car
with me for £ 200.
Polling for Mayor & Councillors
took place, Mr J M Coradine
being re-elected for the 6th term.
On arriving home or rather after
tea I put in ½ an hour wood
cutting & got overheated, during
which a South East rain set in
with the result I caught a chill.
Shook it off for the time & felt no
ill effects until nearly 4 A M
when I woke up with hard breath
ing & pains in the chest. I knew
the symptoms to be Bronchitis & as
I was coughing badly Bertie got up
& made a poultice with hot Castor
oil & mustard which was put on
my chest. This allayed the inflamma
tion & coughing. Kept poultice until
about 8.30 when I got up, having
to go to office as Sydney is away for
the day.28 TOTAL

27 April 1915


April 1915
Tuesday 27
Fine day.
At office. Not much doing.
News received from the seat
of war that tremendous fighting
has taken place on the Ypres
Canal on the Franco – Belgian
border where the Germans
in great force attempted to
break through the Allied lines.
They succeeded in doing so in
places but were driven back
later on with tremendous loss.
The Canadian troops after being
forced to retreat rallied, &
being supported by British
& Zouaves rushed the German
& drove them like hares before
them bayonetting them with
great slaughter & regained
all positions which the German
troops had temporarily gained.
Canadian troops greatly praised
for their gallantry & though they
lost heavily they covered them
selves with glory for their dash &
bravery.27 TOTAL

26 April 1915


April 1915
Monday 26
Fine day. At office.
Busy with correspondence.
Went to YMCA room at
night to the opening of the
Chess club. There were 13
present & 5 boards played in
a side’s match. Mr Gibson
our VP [Vice President] & myself as President
selected teams my team being
Connell & his son from Carterton
D Guild Jones J H & myself,
Gibsons being G Jones, J
Dagg, Thompson & McHattie.
Match resulted in a draw
2 ½ games each. Gibson  rubbed
me down through an oversight
of mine in letting him take my
queen for nothing when I had
him pinned in rather a tight
corner. Arranged that Connell
of Carterton & Fritz Kummer
of the Masterton Club shall
play a series of games for the
Championship of the Wairarapa.26 TOTAL

24 April 1915



April 1915
Saturday 24
Fine day. Put best part
of an hour in at the lawn be
fore breakfast.
Down to office. Had an early
lunch then with O Smith of
Levin & Co & D Bennett we motor
ed up to Mikimiki to see A
Buick’s 1000 acre property which
we had offered to Bennett at £ 7-
per acre. Had a general look
over the property which showed
pretty bare having been heavily stock [stocked]
& there being thousands of rabbits
to help eat out the grass. Had
afternoon tea at Cousin Norman
McLachlans’s then returned to
town arriving about 5 pm.
Down town at night

23 April 1915


April 1915
Friday 23
Fine day. Before breakfast I
put in work on the lawn top
dressing & raking in seed.
Down to office. Lunched at
Kia Ora Tea Rooms.
Not much doing.
Down to Railway Station &
met Stansell at the 5 train
& arranged to see Jensen of
Wanganui & see if an exchange
of property could be made between
the two. Met at Jensen Jnrs [Juniors]
at night Jensen Senr [Senior] being
there also Jensen Jnr & Stansell
& discussed matters but nothing
definite was decided upon.
Stansell to write later & advise
if he lets his business premise
in Wellington