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25 March 1915


March 1915
Thursday 25
Light rain. Rang up J Blade at
Mauriceville and arranged that Will
& I should go up with him to look at
Petersens 200 acre farm at Kakari
ki. Took 9.50 train and arrived at
Hukanui about 11.20. Petersen
met us at station & the Cheese Factory
manager ran us out in his car, 4 miles.
Had a look over the property & got
back to the house about 25 minutes
to 2 and wishing to catch the 2 train
at Hukanui we swallowed a cup of tea
& a scone in a few minutes & after
arranging for an option over the farm
for a few days we got a full swing on &
arrived within ½ mile of the station
to see the train steaming out. Having
had no dinner, the manager of the
Factory, Mr Watt, took us down to his
place where Mrs Watt prepared tea
Etc ? & we waited there till the
3.30 train came down. At night
Will & I went to the Patriotic Concert
in the Town Hall in aid of the relief
funds at Home & Belgians. A Flag
presented by the Wairarapa25 TOTAL

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