31 March 1915


March 1915
Wednesday 31
Fine day. Prepared
ground for sowing onions. Down to
office. Saw J L Blundell who
authorised me to sell his property
at Longbush 980 acres at £ 14/-
per acre. Mr T Compton of Tara
tahi called in & got pars [particulars] of pro
perties from me with a view
to purchasing. Saw Hughes
who signed agreeing to buy Pul
fords house & 1 acre land at
£ 500. Saw Mrs Pulford who
said they would see about it in the
morning. Saw Mr E Jones of
Kurupuni who agreed to sell his
property at £ 50 per acre.
Saw Cooper of Opaki who said
J McHattie had been out to look
at their property through my agency.
Ted Welch & I cut grass on the Park
Oval ready to roll the ground for
Cricket pitch. At night Bernie
& I rolled it for some time.
Leo came up from College for his
Easter holidays. Put about 8 inches
of binding on Kembles bat at night.31 TOTAL

30 March 1915


March 1915
Tuesday 30
Fine day. At office
J L Blundell in & arranged to
go to see E Buckeridge’s farm at
Kokotau with me, after lunch.
Got T Holland to drive us down
in his car, arriving there at 2 pm.
Had refreshments then went over
the property which was not as
good as we expected to find
it, there being more poor land
than we were given to understand
in the area offered about 300 acres
at £ 45 per acre. Had tea there
and after discussing price Etc
we arranged for a weeks option.
Arrived back in Masterton
about 8 pm. Wrote Mangatainoka
Brewery asking manager to send
down 5 gallons of Beer which
we want for our Welch Family ver [versus]
Upper Hutt cricket match to be play
ed on Friday & Saturday on Masterton
Park Oval.30 TOTAL

29 March 1915


March 1915
Monday 29
Fine day. At office.
Busy with property matters.
Received wire from Brennan of
Matiere stating he had sold property
to Truebridge. Saw W C Welch who
asked me to go down town with
him tonight & inspect Rossons
(Tobacconist) books as he had an
idea of putting in a tender to pur
chase the business. Went down at
night & got figures for him to think
over. J L Blundell in to office at
night re purchasing Mr E Bucker
idges 220 acre farm at Kokotau.
Rang Buckeridge up & advised
him we would be down tomorrow
to inspect. Mr P A Rive in
re selling his property or making
an exchange for a place in town.
Price £ 1250 subject to  £ 600
mortgage.29 TOTAL

28 March 1915


March 1914
Sunday 28
Fine day. At home.
Sharpened the saw & set
same then sawed up gum
for firewood. Cleaned up gum
branches & put a lot in the
shed for winter use.
Kemble brought up a case of
peaches which he had pick
ed from one of his trees.
Ern Hunt came up to see
me re purchasing a town
property & arranged to see
same tomorrow with me.28 TOTAL

27 March 1915


March 1915
Saturday 27
Fine day. At office.
Saw C Bennett re selling
his property 1573 acres
at Bideford & he put £ 12/-
per ac [acre] on it. Submitted same
to H Falloon who said he
would consider it & would
see me next week in reference
to same. Saw J McHattie
& offered him Cooper Bros [Brothers]
property 169 acres at Opaki
& he said he would probably
have a look at it. Submitted
same to C Bennett who promis
ed to inspect if he sold his TE Ore
Ore farm. Saw Campbell
of MikiMiki who arranged to
go up to Pahiatua with me
next week to look at proper
ty with view to buying.
Hughes of Dalgety & Co in &
offered £ 580 for Pulfords pro
perty at Lansdowne price to in-
clude the gas range.27 TOTAL

26 March 1915

IFMarch 1915
Friday 26
Dull day rather cold.
At office. Newcombe in
& got pars [particulars] of properties
for his cousin at Te Kuiti.
Had lunch with Eileen at
WFCA tea room.
Not much doing generally.
At night Bertie & Eileen
went to the Patriotic con
cert in the Town Hall whilst
I stayed home with the
children. Will went home26 TOTAL

25 March 1915


March 1915
Thursday 25
Light rain. Rang up J Blade at
Mauriceville and arranged that Will
& I should go up with him to look at
Petersens 200 acre farm at Kakari
ki. Took 9.50 train and arrived at
Hukanui about 11.20. Petersen
met us at station & the Cheese Factory
manager ran us out in his car, 4 miles.
Had a look over the property & got
back to the house about 25 minutes
to 2 and wishing to catch the 2 train
at Hukanui we swallowed a cup of tea
& a scone in a few minutes & after
arranging for an option over the farm
for a few days we got a full swing on &
arrived within ½ mile of the station
to see the train steaming out. Having
had no dinner, the manager of the
Factory, Mr Watt, took us down to his
place where Mrs Watt prepared tea
Etc ? & we waited there till the
3.30 train came down. At night
Will & I went to the Patriotic Concert
in the Town Hall in aid of the relief
funds at Home & Belgians. A Flag
presented by the Wairarapa25 TOTAL